Lebanon Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

The Republic of Lebanon is West Asian country that has borders with countries like Syria and Israel. Archaeological evidence dictates that Lebanon has had civilizations as old as 7000 BCE. This means that the Asian nation has inherited a wealth of archaeological treasures over the course of centuries. This makes Lebanon a good place to travel to, but before people can enter the country, they must file for a visa. The following documents are required if you want to get a Lebanon tourist visa on a Pakistani passportAs we know that many other countries also has some requirements for Pakistan Passport. For other info check Visainfodesk.Lebanon Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

Lebanon Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

Visa Application Forms

The first thing that people hoping to visit Lebanon need is two visa application forms. These forms should be filled and signed by the applicant himself.

Cover Letter

The next document that you need for your Lebanon tourist visa is a cover letter which extensively covers your reason for visiting the country. In case you are being invited by a sponsor, the cover letter must contain details about your sponsor like their social security number and home address.

Passport Size Photographs

Applicants would also require 3 passport-sized photographs. These pictures must be as recent as possible and captured against a white or bright blue background.


A passport is a legal document that indicates an individual’s identity and nationality to the authorities. To attain a Lebanese tourist visa, you are required by law to submit a copy of your passport along with your visa application forms.


CNIC is a legal document that proves a person’s identity and contains other important bits of information like date of birth and signature. Thus, it is important for applicants to submit a copy of their CNIC along with their visa applications.

Recommendation Letter

This requirement is only for people who are travelling to Lebanon on a business venture. The Lebanese visa policy dictates that clients visiting the country for business purposes are required to submit a letter of recommendation from the Export Promotion Bureau.

Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate

Applicants are also required to prove their affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce by attaching a copy of their membership certificate on their application.

Chamber of Commerce Recommendation Letter

Another requirement for people travelling to Lebanon purely for business purposes is a Chamber of Commerce recommendation letter. This letter must vouch on your behalf for your good behavior and ethical financial dealings in the past.

NTN Certificate

Applicants must also provide a copy of their National Trade Number certificate.

Invitation Letter

The next item on the list is an invitation letter, which must include the name, social security number, and home address of the person who has invited you to Lebanon. One copy of this invitation letter has to be faxed directly to the Lebanese Embassy operating in Pakistan.

Hotel Reservation

The embassy also wants to see evidence of your accommodation in Lebanon. You can meet this quota by attaching a copy of your hotel reservations on your visa application form. However, one copy of these reservations has to be faxed directly to the Lebanese Embassy.

Return Air Ticket

You must also produce copies of your return ticket that provide details of your flight. Even though the tickets are nonrefundable, they are a necessity, so you must comply.

Bank Statement and Letter

You are also required to attach your bank statement of the previous 6 months on your visa application form. If you are providing a bank statement of your company, you must also provide a letter from the bank that you are the signing authority.

Additional Information for Lebanon Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

An important point to note is that applicants are instructed to submit 1 set of original and 1 set of photocopies of all the documents mentioned above. Applicants are also informed that they need to submit a visa fee of 4200 PKR per application, and we will also be charging them 1000 PKR per application for our service. People hoping to visit Lebanon must provide an authority letter for submission and collection. A typical visa application form can take up to 1 week to get processed. We instruct all our users to visit the official web site of the Lebanon Embassy operating in Pakistan by clicking here. However, for the sake of convenience and ease of our users, we have compiled a list of all the information relevant to visiting Lebanon on tour below.

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Embassy of the Republic of Lebanon in Pakistan

Address: House No. 17, School Road, F-6/1, Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: 051-2278338 – 2278565

Fax: 051-2826410

Email: lebemb@comsats.net.pk

Pakistan Embassy in the Republic of Lebanon

Address: UNESCO Centre Crossroad, Saeb Salam Street, Building No. 1, Verdun Plaza, 8th Floor, Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: (+ 961) (-1) 790327 & 790417

Fax: (+ 961) (-1) -790471

Email: pkemblb@gmail.com

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