Libya Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Libya Tourist Visa is very easy for Pakistan Passport.The State of Libya is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa which shares its borders with Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Chad, and Sudan. It is also bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north. It was ruled by Carthaginians, Persians, Egyptians and Greeks before becoming a part of the Roman Empire which is why it has inherited a ton of archaeological wealth. To see these historical landmarks, one has to apply for a Libyan tourist visa. The following are the requirements of a Libyan tourist visa on a Pakistani passportAs we know that many other countries also has some requirements for Pakistan Passport. For other info check Visainfodesk.Libya Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Libya Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Cover letter

The first thing that you need for a Libyan tourism visa is a cover letter. This letter must contain all the details of your reason for visiting Libya. If you’re being invited by a sponsor or host, make sure that this letter has all the important information about them such as their social security number and current residential address. Bear in mind that these details must be verifiable as the Libyan visa authorities might run a background check on your sponsor.

Letter of Invitation

The next document on the list of things you need to get a Libyan tourist visa is an invitation letter. The original invitation letter must be sent directly by mail to the Libyan embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. First and foremost, this letter must detail your reason for travelling to Libya. If you are travelling for business purposes, this letter must carry an outline of all your business details and the length of your stay in the country.


You are also required to submit a full body medical. This includes getting reports of tests for HIV, cancer, and TB. The final medical report has to be approved from the medical center of the embassy i.e. Jamahiriya Medical Centre.


You must also bring your original CNIC as it proves your nationality and, more importantly, identity. If you intend to travel with your children, bring along their original B forms from NADRA.


Goes without saying that a passport is a necessity before you’re granted a visa to visit Libya. A passport is important as it is a document that proves your nationality and identity to the concerned authorities. It also contains important bits of data such as your full name, date and place of birth, and a recent photograph.

Additional Information for Libya Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Applicants are informed that for a Libyan visa request to be accepted, they must submit a fee of 3960 PKR. This fee includes other charges like our service fees and TCS charges. People who have applied for the visa and are yet to get a reply from the embassy are requested to wait patiently as a visa request can take up to 10 days to get processed.

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You can get more information about visiting Libya by logging on to its official website (by clicking here) or by making an enquiry from the designated email address of the embassy. For the convenience of our users, we have made all the information relevant to getting in touch with the Libyan Embassy in Pakistan and the Pakistan embassy in Libya available below.

People’s Bureau of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jammhuriya, Islamabad

Address: 12 Margalla Road, F-8/3 Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone Local: (051) 285 1974

Phone International: +92 51 285 1974

Fax Local: (051) 226 1459

Fax International: +92 51 226 1459

Pakistan Embassy, Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jammhuriya

Address: Near Ma’ahad Shumookh, Shahra Jaraba, Ben Ashur, Tripoli, Libya

PO Box: 2169, Tripoli, Libya

Phone: 00218 21 3610937 and 3616581

Fax: 00218 21 3600412


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