Malaysia Work Permit Visa for Bangladeshi

Malaysia Work Permit Visa for Bangladeshi

Getting Malaysia work permit visa is very simple because the economy of Malaysia is suitable for a job opportunity. Malaysia work permit visa for Bangladeshi is very easy. They can apply for the visa at the consulate or embassy in Bangladesh. The application process is very easy because they can apply for a work permit with other documents online or through courier. The visa approval is based on the documentation and the nature of a job. As per visa category, the fee is different. A candidate has to take approval from Malaysian immigration and to get the calling visa from Malaysia. On the other hand, they have to submit calling letter or offer letter of the company. Applicant has to submit visa fee as per the title of the visa. Fee and application procedure can be different by location.

Malaysia Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

Malaysia Work Permit Visa for Bangladeshi

For the Bangladeshi passport, the applicant can apply for these visas.

  • Tourist visa
  • Residence visa
  • Work permit

Applicant has to submit the fee in any of the branches of the bank which embassy requires and attach the receipt with the application. After submission of the relevant fee of the visa, the applicant has to submit following documents.

Documents for Malaysia Work Permit

A passport validity of six months at least is a must. Citizens of Bangladesh have to provide the proof of their biometric records with the submission of visa. They need to submit these documents for visa application. In case of any changes, they have to submit the application again.

  1. Computerized Original ID card, eCard with two Xerox copies
  2. Government employees have to bring government permission letter
  3. Job offer letter or calling visa from the Malaysian company in case of work visa
  4. Original passport for visa pasting
  5. Two passport size photos

Containing the worth of entry permit this visa on the passport, it is extremely substantial for the candidate. It offers them the authority to work and live legally in Malaysia. Visa holders need to follow the precise procedure, for getting the work ID within Malaysia once he/she entered the country. Process time of the work permit is more than four weeks.

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