Merhaba! Here’s my first ever post on TTD! It’s a long read so enjoy!

My husband and I went to Turkey last month. Our trip began from Northern Cyprus (TRNC – I’ll do a separate post for that).
We arrived in Istanbul and took a transfer to Bursa via ferry boat and van. The city is quite underrated but it is BEAUTIFUL. First few pictures are from Bursa in this post. We stayed at Almira Hotel (it’s a 5 star). Our parents had joined us for Bursa and Istanbul and they enjoyed Bursa because of its calmness and natural beauty. We took a cable car trip to Ulüdag Mountain where we did a live BBQ. The weather was lovely and there were tiny cute shops serving chai. We even took a city tour of Bursa and visited the shrines and heritage sites.

In Istanbul we did the usual.. Sultan Ahmet, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Bosphorus Tour (the 15 TL one that happens every hour and the boats are slightly smaller), Ortakoy Mosque, Kumpir And Waffles, Galata Tower and spent hours shopping at Istiklal Street…don’t wander too much or you’ll end up in the red light district which is pathetic 😂

After Istanbul we bid farewell to our parents and took off on our journey to Cappadocia. You can take a flight to Nevsir Airport from Istanbul. We stayed at Bedrock hotel which is built inside the caves of Goreme. We hadn’t booked our balloon ride and to our surprise it was all booked due to Chinese New Year and the only bookings available were worth €200. We gave up on the balloon ride and enjoyed the mesmerising view of the flights instead. We were there in Goreme for only a night and took a bus to Antalya the next morning.

We rented a car in Antalya and that solved so many of our commuting problems! We randomly booked “Start hotel” in Antalya since we didn’t want to spend much. It was literally 200 TL per night and that’s CHEEEAP. The other day we did Parasailing and Rafting and thanked God for stopping us from going on the Hot Air Balloon 😂

We drove off from Antalya to Olüdeniz and quickly booked Hotel Olüdeniz upon our arrival. We had our Paragliding booking with the company, “Reaction.” They were super professional and skilled. Our paragliding experience was amazing. We attempted Scuba Diving too but that was an epic fail. Olüdeniz is a party town! The streets were filled with restaurants and shops which were open pretty late.

After Oludeniz, our final stop for the vacation was Bodrum where we had booked a resort, Cape Bodrum Resort. Their honeymoon Suites were simply wow! We spent about two days there and they were super relaxing! The entire resort is huge and is built by the Aegean Sea. So you see mountains, sea and if you get full moon nights like us, then that’s the best! The afternoon we arrived, we were welcomed by a crazy rain shower. Unlike the Europeans, we Pakistanis loved a little rain as we hardly get that. 😂

Saying farewell to Bodrum was tough but then all good things must come to an end! We came back to Istanbul and checked in to Emerald Hotel. If you guys are looking for cheap options but good locations in Istanbul, then do check this hotel. We know their manager personally (he’s a Pakistani and is super sweet). It’s located in the Taksim area and is at walking distance from Havabus station and Taksim Square.
I miss Turkey! This was my first time there but since my husband has been there/lived there and knows the language, traveling became much simpler. Also for our trip from Cappadocia and back to Istanbul there were four of us and we had a crazy good time during our road trips!

Shopping was super cheap there and the FOOOOD is to die for.

So our trip was a total of 17 days and we visited: Lefke and Girne (Northern Cyprus), Bursa, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, Olüdeniz and Bodrum.
If you have more questions regarding Turkey, feel free to ask me or Osama Zahid Peshimam! #Turkey #Oludeniz #Istanbul #Bodrum #Antalya

feeling fantastic.
Merhaba! Here’s my first ever post on TTD! It’s a long read so enjoy!
Merhaba! Here’s my first ever post on TTD! It’s a long read so enjoy!
Merhaba! Here’s my first ever post on TTD! It’s a long read so enjoy!
Merhaba! Here’s my first ever post on TTD! It’s a long read so enjoy!
Merhaba! Here’s my first ever post on TTD! It’s a long read so enjoy!


  1. Great write up, perfect pics. We also did the Telefrik ride to Uludag in bursa. Surprised how clear it is now. We were literally walking on snow n experienced a light snow storm too

  2. Love your trip! Beautiful photos! Can’t wait for your review of TRNC too! This sounds like such a fun trip.

  3. Super lovely. I also came back from Istanbul for the third time on an expedition. Here is my story:

  4. Tehreem Iqbal can you please tell me how did u travel from the nevshir airport in cappadocia to bedrock cave hotel? And the charges too of whatever transport u used?

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