Nepal Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a sovereign state located in South Asia. It borders two of the world’s most populated countries, China and India, which renders its location importantNepal Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport from a geostrategic point of view. Not only that, but Nepal also has some of the world’s tallest mountains and tons of shrines and temples, which makes it a great tourist hotspot. Before people can visit Nepal, they must apply for a Nepalese tourism visa. The requirements for a Nepal tourist visa on a Pakistani passport are mentioned below.  As we know that many other countries also has some requirements for Pakistan Passport. For other info check Visainfodesk.

Nepal Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport


The first requirement of getting a Nepalese visa is your original passport. A passport is important as it helps prove a person’s identity and nationality to the authorities. It must be valid for at least the next six months after your date of travel.


Just like a passport, your CNIC also proves your identity and nationality. On top of that, it carries other bits of information like you signature, residential address, and a recent photograph. Thus, it comes as no surprise as a copy of your CNIC is also required for a Nepalese visa. If plan on travelling with your children, you need to attach a copy of their B forms with the visa application.

Passport Size Photographs

Just like with any other travel document, you are required to submit 2 passport size photos. These photos should be captured against a sky blue or white background. Moreover, these photographs should be as recent as possible so as to ensure that there are no issues with identification.

Cover Letter

The next item on the list of things you need before you can be granted a Nepalese visa is a cover letter. This letter must include the reason for your visit along with your intended duration of stay in the country.

Invitation Letter

The final document that you need for your Nepalese visa is an invitation letter. This letter should preferably be from a Nepalese native and must contain all relevant information about your host such as their complete name, current residential address, and signature. Applicants are informed that the Nepal embassy in Islamabad will run a background check on your sponsor, so it would be wise to make sure that every detail is valid.

Additional Information for Nepal Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Applicants are informed that the visa fee for a Pakistani passport is 300 PKR per applicant, while the visa fee for a foreign passport is 2500 PKR per applicant. We will also be charging you 500 PKR for our services. The Nepalese embassy has one of the fastest application processing systems, which allows it to process a visa application form within 2 working days. Visa application submission and delivery timings are from 9:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Hopefuls of a Nepal tourist visa can gather more information about the requirements as well as the procedure of applying for the visa by visiting the official website of the Nepal Embassy in Islamabad by clicking here. To make things easier for our users, we have compiled all the information relevant to the Nepal embassy in Pakistan and the Pakistan embassy in Nepal below.

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Royal Nepalese Embassy in Pakistan

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday

Visa hours: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. from Monday to Friday

Address: House No. 11A, Street No. 13, F-7/2, Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: (+92-51) 265 51 39, 265 51 82, 265 51 83

Fax: 265 51 84


Pakistan High Commission, Nepal

Address: PO Box No. 202, Pushpanjali, Maharajgunj Chakrapath, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: +977 1 4374024

Fax: +977 1 4374012


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