Do Nepalese need a Visa to go to Bhutan?

Do Nepalese need a visa to go to Bhutan?

If you are planning a visit to Bhutan from Nepal and think that you do not need a visa to travel to Bhutan as a Nepalese national; think again. Bhutan only allows Indian, Bangladeshi and Malaysian nationals to travel to the country without a visa. If you are a Nepalese national and planning a visit to Bhutan sometime soon; you need to seek a visa permit first. Most of the users have the Question Do Nepalese Need a Visa to go to Bhutan? or Do Nepalese Need VISA For Sri Lanka?

Do Nepalese need a Visa to go to Bhutan

Charges of VISA from Nepal to Bhutan:

Traveling from Nepal to Bhutan costs exactly the same as it does for any other country of the world. It is important to remember that India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia are exceptions. The cost of traveling to Bhutan from Nepal will cost around 250 US dollars per day. This cost is inclusive of three meals a day, hotel accommodations and sightseeing tours as well.

Note: The above-mentioned price is quoted for visit travel to Bhutan from Nepal. The actual prices might differ as a result of an uninformed change in the visa policy.

Applying for Bhutan Visa from Nepal:

Since you will need a visa to travel from Nepal to Bhutan, it is important that you are aware of the basic criteria for visa application as well. The visa application needs to be submitted to the Bhutan visa Embassy directly through the web or can be done so with the help of a qualified professional visa agent. The perks of hiring a visa agent are that you will no longer have to worry about anything else. With the price paid, you will get your visa in promised time duration without having to deal with legal processes.

Conditions for Visa Application:

To apply for a visa to Bhutan from Nepal, you will need to submit a visa approval application at least four weeks prior to your plan of traveling. The visa application should contain all mandatory details such as passport sized pictures (14×14) and valid passport copies attached. You will also need to provide details like occupation, nationality proof, and bank statement.

Entry from Nepal to Bhutan:

Traveling to Nepal from Bhutan is possible twice a week. Entry is via flights and there are two flights scheduled every week from Nepal to Bhutan. The first flight is on Monday whilst another one is on Thursday. The return ticket costs around 280 US dollars. The above-mentioned price is all-inclusive of tax.

Facts about Bhutan Visa:

Here are a few helpful facts about Bhutan visa that you should know about if you are planning a trip soon.

  • Only people with Indian, Malaysian and Bangladeshi nationality can travel to Bhutan without a visa.
  • The stay per day in Bhutan costs 25 USD. To extend the trip, the cost per day will increase to 30 USD and 100 USD for 30 days and 100 days extension respectively.
  • Once the visa is issued by the Bhutan government, there will be no refund.
  • Children below the age of 10 do not require a visa to travel. This is regardless of nationality.

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