American Countries Offering Visa Free Travels for Filipinos – A Remedy to No Visa for Filipino in USA 2018

Many Filipinos might have been disappointed by the fact that there is no visa for Filipino in USA 2018. This is a really frustrating thing especially if you want to travel to the United States but you cannot because of visa stringencies. You can actually but you have to apply for a US visa which can take a long time to process. You can shorten it up but you have to pay for large fees to be able to fulfill your urgent needs. American Countries Offering Visa Free Travels for Filipinos – A Remedy to No Visa for Filipino in USA 2018

Regardless, you should throw away your frustrations because there is a remedy to the no free visa for Filipinos in USA. If you do not want to take a long wait for the US visa, then you can just choose other American countries offering free visa travels for Filipinos. This article will list those countries including some attributes accompanying the free visa policy. Read more below to find out.

The table below shows the countries in America offering free visa travels to Filipinos. The table also shows the duration of the free visa policy as well as the type of visa, whether it is visa free or visa on arrival.

Country Duration Type of Visa
Bolivia 90 Days Visa Free
Brazil 90 Days Visa Free
Colombia 90 Days Visa Free
Ecuador   Visa Free
Peru 183 Days Visa Free
Suriname 90 Days Visa Free
Costa Rica 90 Days Visa Free
Haiti 3 months Visa Free
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month Visa Free
Nicaragua 90 Days Visa on Arrival
Dominica   Visa on Arrival
Saint Lucia 6 weeks Visa on Arrival
Saint Kitts and Nevis 30 Days Visa on Arrival
Trinidad and Tobago   Visa on Arrival


So those are the countries in America that offers free visa for Filipinos. So what are you waiting for? You should already pick the country of your choice so that you can relax and enjoy your trip to it. After choosing a country, you should then plan your trip to be able to explore the most beautiful places in the country of your choice.

Also note that visa is not the only requirement for traveling to another country. There are other requirements that you may have to provide to be able to travel abroad. Such requirements can vary from one country to another. So you may want to check out some websites providing such information. You can visit the embassy to inquire on this as well. Regardless, you should plan your trip very carefully so that you can enjoy it in the best way possible and encounter less problems on the way. Just make sure to refer to the above table which helps you remedy the no visa for Filipino in USA 2018.

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