Information About The Oman Embassy in Qatar

All The Info about The Oman Embassy in Qatar


The Oman embassy in Qatar has a lot of services that it offers to the citizen of Oman and other people residing in Qatar. There are many ways by which the Omani embassy supports its population in Qatar. Below are mentioned some of the cases where the Oman embassies may be of service.

Oman Embassy in Qatar

General Omani Knowledge

People can be assisted in the embassy of Oman if they are looking for information about the local culture of Oman. It may include information about the Omani currency, economy, sports that are famous there, Omani Culture, Education and other information regarding any sort of local knowledge.

Omani Citizenship

People may require information about Omani citizenship, but it can be hard if they do not know where to get it from. Individual agents and agencies charge you in ways before providing the information. But through the Omani embassy, you can get information about how to get the Omani citizenship. The source is reliable, so all the information that you get will be genuine.

Contacts in Oman

You can inquire about information and get specific contacts that are public in Oman from the Omani Embassy.

Obtaining Visa

People go through a lot when they are looking for visa information about any particular country. There are certain things that people should know before the apply for a visa for any country. What’s better than acquiring the information from the embassy of that country itself. All the information that you will get will be genuine, and you will come to know specific points and know specific steps that would make the process much more bearable.

Which People are given consular services?

There are a lot of people daily at the ministry that needs support. So the embassy usually takes the people with the most urgent situations and cases and helps them with their advice. Below is a list of individuals that are given support at the Omani embassy.

  • People that in an emergency and require information, support or a contact immediately.
  • Omani citizen that are finding it difficult to go back to their country.
  • People that have lost their Omani passport or ID card and require a new one.
  • People that are not in Oman but are Omani citizens that need to vote for elections.
  • People that need information about the local medical facilities and services in Qatar.
  • Omani citizen that need information about the local resources offered in Qatar.

The Omani passport and visa are offered to people that are the real citizens of Oman and Qatar. The process of getting a passport or a visa of Oman can take up to a few weeks. If you have any questions regarding getting the Omani Visa or Passport you can contact the Oman embassy in Qatar or in Doha.

There is no other embassy of Oman in Qatar. The only embassy of Oman in Qatar is located in Doha. The embassy in Doha is representing almost 41 diplomatic and consular representations of Oman.

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