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Learn More about How can Oman Embassy UAE Aid you when you are travelling

Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman

Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates · +971 2 446 3333

How can Oman Embassy UAE Aid You When You Are Travelling

Embassies Explained:

An Embassy is the political or a consular rendition of a nation’s presence in some other country. The delegation is responsible for all the communication that goes on between the independent bodies of the home nation and the host nation. The staff at an embassy is responsible for informing its home government about the current sociological situation persisting in the country that hosts them along with several other political and economic events. It also facilitates intercontinental agreements in addition to official visits. So is the Oman embassy UAE.

Embassies are the ones that promote the native culture and traditions in the new country. The militaries of both the host and the guest’s nations communicate through a military attaché who has been trained to carry forward any arms and ammo trade and any communication needed in between the countries.

Oman Embassy UAE Located in the Abu Dhabi.

Oman Embassy UAE in Abu Dhabi offers an all encompassing, comprehensive assortment of consular services to all Omani nationals visiting the Abu Dhabi, the local citizens of the Abu Dhabi and even the intercontinental citizens present in the United Arab Emirates.

All the Emirati locals are supported by this Omani Embassy by means of the exceptional consular services they provide when they need the following assistance:

  • Require information whether generic or specified in nature with respect to the culture, the economic trends or even the educational or sporting events in addition to much more.
  • Are interested in gathering all relayed information in regard of knowing the procedure and requirements of applying and obtaining the citizenship is Oman.
  • Want to know of specified contact information of any institution in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Need assistance in obtaining a NY kind, not visa for visiting the country.

Oman Embassy UAE at the Service of Omani Citizens:

The citizens of Oman when visiting or residing in the Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the UAE can take guidance from elite consular services when they:

  • In an emergency regarding any paperwork or documentation.


  • Are facing trouble in returning to Oman.


  • Are in need of getting acquainted with the schematics of the medical system available locally in the United Arab Emirates.


  • Want to know more about resources available locally in UAE.


  • Require a new passport or the national Omani Identity Card in case of it being lost or stolen.


  • Would want to caste a vote in Elections of Oman.

Visa Services Offered at the Oman Embassy UAE:

  • The Oman Embassy UAE is able to issue new Omani passports and visas to visit Oman only if your primary residence is listed in Oman or the United Arab Emirates.


  • For more information regarding the time frames and visa processing time, kindly check-in beforehand with the embassy itself since it can take up-to 2 weeks.

Oman Embassy UAE is the only representation of Oman in the Entire Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates and are always looking forward to help you with.

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