Oman Visa on Arrival For Indian Nationals

Oman visa on arrival for Indian nationals


Oman is among the countries that really promote tourism. There are certain citizens of countries to which the country is offering visa on arrival. The Oman visa arrival for Indian nationals is also available. The country announced it back in the start of 2003 as the officials mentioned that the citizens of 65 countries would be given visa on arrival once they reach the country. If you are looking for other options such as visa before your visit, here are certain things that you can do.

Oman Visa on Arrival For Indian Nationals

Asking a friend or relative for sponsor

The best choice is to look for a friend or family member that is a resident of Oman. Ask the person to sponsor your tour. The person will have to vouch for your stay in the country. You will have to send him the details of your bookings and stay, and he will complete the rest of the work. He will have to submit the documents and complete the legal duties to get the visa for you. There will be certain fees that the person will have to pay and get your visa. After that, you will receive the e-visa copy in few days.

Taking the services of a tour operator

Tour operators are there to make work easy for you. The services that they provide vary from agency to agency. Most of the operators will give booking of hotels, visa, tickets and other relevant services such as transportation. You will have to pay them the permit fee that is around 1000 Indian Rupees, and you will be able to get the stay confirmation along with visa within a few days.

Doing it on your own

If you are an internet geek, you can just start off with the help of internet. Check for the available hotels and plan your trip on your own. Proceed with the bookings and do other stuff that can come handy for you. Once done, you can just go to the tour operator for the visa. He will help you in completing the visa requirements and doing what is necessary for getting a visa.

The visa on arrival option

You also have the visa on arrival option that will help you in doing everything from your home and get a visa as soon as you reach the Oman airport. You can plan your booking here and enlist all the details in front of the embassy before requesting the visa on arrival. The officials will take a look at your application and will facilitate you depending on various factors. There will be a fee of around 6 Omani Riyal that you will be paying in order to get the visa.

The duration

The Oman visa on arrival for Indian nationals is permitted for about 30 days. It can be extended on appropriate terms. It is only a one-time entry option that you can avail for your first entry in Oman. For further information, you can check rules and regulations of Omani Visa for Indian citizens.




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