Pakistani passport ranking in World

The Pakistani passport ranking is 198, global rank is 95 and a visa free score of Pakistani passport is 27. Its individual rank is 198, global rank is 95 and a visa-free score of Pakistani passport is 27. With more than 200 million people, It’s the sixth highest country in terms of population.Pakistani Passport

How to get Pakistani Passport?

For the Pakistani passport, applicant can apply in two ways.

  1. Urgent passport
  2. Normal passport

The duration of the urgent passport is 4 days and for normal passport, it takes 10 days.  Applicant has to submit the fee in any of the branches of the National Bank and apply for the passport in Regional Passport Office. After submission of the relevant fee of the passport, applicant has to submit following documents.

  1. Computerized Original CNIC with two Xerox copies
  2. Children Registration form B form with mother or father CNIC is required for below 18 years children
  3. Government employees have to bring government permission letter
  4. The police and defense employees have to come in uniform for the passport submission process.
  5. Original Bank Challan Form

Now the procedure of the passport submission starts.

  1. Applicant has to arrive at customer Service Counter
  2. Taking the token from the token counter
  3. The first step is photograph capturing
  4. Finger print or Biometric Data Capturing
  5. Data Entry
  6. Record verification as per Record of BL/ECL
  7. Decision and interview by Assistant Director

Pakistani Passport field and color

Pakistani passport is issued to Pakistani Citizen. It is Green in color and Islamic Republic of Pakistan is written in Urdu and English. The key features of the Pakistani Passport are given below.

  • Guilloche patterns
  • 3 Colour Intaglio Printing
  • Security Ink
  • Watermark Paper
  • Holograms
  • Ultra Violet features Micro Printing
  • Security Substrate and Laminate
  • Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ)
  • 2D Bar Code
  • IPI-Invisible Personal ID
  • Biometric features namely Facial and Fingerprint
  • RFID Chip
  • PKI – Public Key Infrastructure

The opening cover contains the following information

  • Booklet Number
  • Tracking Number
  • Issuing Authority
  • Date expiry
  • Date of issue
  • Father Name
  • Place of birth
  • Gender
  • Citizenship Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Given Name
  • Surname
  • Passport number
  • Country Code
  • Type ‘P’- Stands for “Personal” , ‘D’- Stands for “Diplomat”, – S’ – stands for “Service”
  • Photo of Passport Holder
  • The first page of the regular booklet contains a note from President of Pakistan
  • The annotation on the top and it contains the following items on the second page
  • Signature of Passport holder
  • Previous passport number (if any)
  • Religion
  • On third page it is declared that this passport is valid to travel all countries of the world except ISRAEL.

Authority Who Issues Pakistani Passport

The Pakistani passport is issued by the Directorate General of Immigration & Passport of the Ministry of Interior.

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