Philippines Visa Free Countries 2018

If you want to learn about Philippines Visa Free Countries 2018 then you are on the right place. Tourism plays a substantial role in pretty much every country in the world as can be seen in countries without visa requirements, except those that are closed to international linkages comprising of only a small number of countries. However, traveling to different parts of the world may require you to have several important documents to validate your entry and stay into a specific country. There are reasons for these that are not the concern of this article. But to give just a simple example – imagine a world where people are free to go to whichever country they want. If a country gives free entry to all people regardless of their specific characteristics, then there will be a tendency to exploit the free entry given. What if people entering the country are criminals from other parts of the world who are just finding another place to hide or where they can exercise their criminal activities? Indeed, security is one of the reasons for imposing the aforementioned documentary requirements upon entering and staying inside a country. Philippines Visa Free Countries 2018

The most common documentary requirement for traveling to other countries nowadays is the visa. In the Philippines, the visa is enforced by both the Bureau of Immigration (BI) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). The Visa Policy of the Philippines is governed by the Commonwealth Act No. 613 which is also known as the Philippines Immigration Act. If you are from the Philippines and you want to travel to other countries in the world, then you should know these policies. Otherwise, you may end up planning for a tour or an immigration to another country without knowing that a visa is required even just by the entry. You may get too excited going to the USA thinking that there is no visa for Filipino in USA 2018 and hence prepared no requirements at all.

Nowadays, more and more individuals are becoming enticed to tourism. Travels have been rampant, especially since different groups of countries have come into agreement about visa free travels. If you want to know which countries are visa free with the Philippines, then you are in the right place. Below, you will learn more about which countries require visa and which don’t for the Philippines. Specifically, what countries can Philippines passport holders go? You may then use such information to plan the right place where you want to enjoy your vacation or where you want to stay indefinitely for good.

The Components of a Visa

A visa is a simple document that acts like a key that you can use to open the doors of other countries. Basically, a visa is an entry permission containing details like the date when you will visit a country, when you will leave, the maximum allowable duration of time that you can stay, number of visits permitted, work rights, etc.

The Types of Visa

If you want to apply for a visa in order to travel to other parts of the world, then you ought to know the different types of visa. The type depends on how the visa was issued.

  1. No Visa – there are certain parts of the world specific to your country where you can travel in without using visa. A visa free country will allow you to enter its territories without any permission. However, in most cases, there are still certain requirements that you ought to meet or should have. Make sure to know all the eligibility requirements before you get too comfortable entering a visa free country.
  2. Visa on arrival – this is the kind of visa issued upon arrival at your destination country. There are no requirements needed unless explicitly stated by your travel agent before your flight. However, there will most likely be a fee that should be paid to obtain the visa on arrival document you need to enter the country.
  3. Regular Required Visa – a regular required visa is the most common kind of visa required by your country of interest to be able to enter their territories. Most likely, there will be some documentary requirements that you should accomplish to be able to obtain this kind of visa. In some cases, this can take very long like up to 2 months. Others process this visa quickly especially in urgent matters but fees for this would normally be substantially higher.
  4. Internet Issues Visa or e-Visa – this type of visa is offered by several countries like Turkey, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Singapore, India, Kuwait, Cambodia, Australia, Armenia, Bahrain, New Zealand, and Myanmar. This has made acquiring visa so much easier for people who want to avail them. You can check whether your destination country offers this kind of visa so that you will be able to make the application process a lot easier and more comfortable.

Visa Free Asian Countries for the Philippines

Here, you will learn what country don’t need visa from Philippines. Let us start with the Asian continent. There are several Asian countries that offer visa free travels for Filipinos for a certain period of time. Since the Philippines is within Asia, the most likely reason for this is good international connections with neighboring countries. In addition, the Philippines is one of the members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) whose members focus on assisting each other towards growth and development. One of their ways to achieve these is to make cross country traveling much easier so visa free travels are being provided. Below is a table that summarizes the Asian countries that don’t require visa from the Filipinos.

Country Free Visa Duration Some Requirements
Armenia 120 Days visa paid in local currency
Brunei 14 Days ticket
Cambodia 21 Days  
Hong Kong 14 Days ticket
Indonesia 30 Days  
Iran 30 Days ticket
Isarael 30 Days ticket
Kyrgyzstan 30 Days ticket
Laos 30 Days  
Macau 30 Days ticket
Malaysia 30 Days ticket
Maldives 30 Days ticket
Mongolia 21 Days ticket
Myanmar 14 Days ticket
Nepal 90 Days  
Singapore 30 Days ticket
Sri Lanka 30 Days ticket
Taiwan 30 Days ticket
Thailand 30 Days ticket
Vietnam 21 Days ticket


Visa Free African Countries for the Philippines

Country Free Visa Duration Some Requirements
Cape Verde Islands    
Comoros 45 Days ticket
Gambia 90 Days ticket
Guinea-Bissau 90 Days ticket
Kenya 90 Days ticket
Madagascar 90 Days ticket
Mauritius   ticket
Morocco 21 Days ticket
Mozambique 30 Days ticket
Rwanda 90 Days  
Senegal 30 Days ticket
Seychelles 30 Days ticket
Tanzania 30 Days ticket
Togo 7 Days ticket
Uganda   ticket
Zambia   ticket


Visa Free European Countries for the Philippines

Country Free Visa Duration Some Requirements
Kosovo 15 Days  
Turkey   ticket


Visa Free American Countries for the Philippines

Country Free Visa Duration Some Requirements
Bolivia 90 Days ticket
Brazil 90 Days ticket
Colombia 90 Days ticket
Costa Rica 90 Days ticket
Ecuador 90 Days ticket
Nicaragua 30 Days ticket
Peru 183 Days ticket
Suriname 90 Days ticket


Other Visa Free Countries for the Philippines

Country Free Visa Duration Some Requirements
Cook Islands 31 Days ticket
Fiji 120 Days ticket
Haiti 90 Days ticket
Marshall Islands 90 Days  
Micronesia 30 Days ticket
Nauru   ticket
Niue 30 Days ticket
Palau 30 Days ticket
Papua New Guinea 60 Days ticket
Samoa 60 Days ticket
Tuvalu 30 Days ticket
Vanuatu 30 Days ticket


So those are the Visa Free countries all over the world for the Philippines. Take note of the visa free duration so that you can always plan your travels ahead of time and you will be able to be right on schedule. Hence, you do not have to worry anymore if there is no visa for Filipino in USA that you should be planning your trip there like there is no tomorrow and like there are no other countries in the world that offers such a thing. When the time comes that you need to plan your trip, do not hesitate to look back into this article to know the which countries offer their territories visa free for Filipinos. As much as you love traveling, you should also love the application process because you cannot begin your travels in the first place without it. Remember that one big part of your trip is the process of application and that includes noting if there is a visa requirement or not to your country of interest.

Good luck planning your trip and when the day comes that you will begin it, have safe travels!

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