Poland Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

People looking to travel to the Poland from Pakistan will require the following Poland tourist visa requirements for Pakistan passport.Poland Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Poland is an Eastern European country on the Baltic Sea that shares its borders with countries like Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It is known all over the world for its medieval architecture, Jewish heritage, and hearty cuisine. This makes Poland a tourist hotspot as every year, thousands of people visit the country on vacation. However, before they can be allowed past its borders, people must have a Poland visa. The following are the requirements for getting a Poland tourist visa on a Pakistani passport. For other countries requirements Click HereFor other info check Visainfodesk.

Poland Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Cover Letter

The first document you need to make your trip to Poland possible is a cover letter that must explain the reason for your visit. If you’re being invited by a host, this letter must include your sponsor’s social security number and current residential address. Make sure that these details are verifiable as the embassy is bound to run a background check on your contact in Poland.

Passport Size Photographs

Just like with any other travel document, you require 2 passport size photos. The Polish embassy insists that these photos be captured against an off white background as this considerably helps the database computers. Moreover, these photographs should be as recent as possible so as to ensure that there are no identification issues.

Flight Tickets

You also need to reserve tickets on a flight that’s Poland bound. These tickets are generally nonrefundable, so it would be wiser to book them after you get your passport.

Hotel Reservation

For your visa application form to be accepted, you are required to produce a copy of your confirmed hotel booking. This must be sent by email or fax by the hotel itself to the Polish Embassy.

Income Tax Papers

To make sure you don’t owe any outstanding debt to the state, the embassy instructs applicants to bring a copy of their income tax papers. These papers must be attached to the visa application form.

Invitation Letter

You must also produce a letter of invitation from a Polish organization which should be signed and stamped by the Polish Chamber of Commerce. If you’re being invited by a Polish individual, they must write it in Polish and send it directly to the Polish embassy.


Polish visa hopefuls are required to produce booking slips of their flight tickets for their trip to Poland. These should preferably be return tickets as they verify your date of departure and return to Pakistan.

Health Insurance

You are required to get medical and accidental coverage for the entirety of your trip to Poland. We recommend opting for AIG insurance. Copies of your medical and accidental insurance documents must be mailed to the Polish embassy.

NTN Certificate

A copy of your National Tax Number NTN certificate must also be submitted at the time of application.

Bank Statement

You are required to submit a bank letter and bank statement of the last six months. Salary slips or income tax documents for people with their own businesses must also be submitted.

Recommendation Letter

The last item on the list of documents you need for your Polish tourist visa to be accepted is a letter of recommendation from the Chamber of Commerce.

Additional Information for Poland Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Applicants are informed that the visa fees is 6240 PKR and we will also be charging you 1000 PKR for our services. People who have submitted their visa application and haven’t received any word from the embassy should not worry because it can take from 15 to 30 days for your form to be accepted. The application forms can be submitted to the embassy anytime between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Applicants should know that they must specify their marital status, their parents’ name, their spouse’s name, their date and place of birth, their home address, and their telephone number if their visa application form is to be accepted.

To get a better idea of the task at hand, we instruct our users to visit the website of the Poland embassy in Pakistan by clicking here. To make things easier for our users, we have made all the information about contacting the embassy available below.

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Consulate General of the Republic of Poland

Address: 6-D, Gizri Lane, PH. IV, D.H.A., Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: 021 5879593 4

Fax: 021 8579592

Email: consulrup@sat.net.pk

Website: http://www.polandconsulatekarachi.com/

Embassy of the Republic of Poland

Address: Street No. 24, G-5/4, Diplomatic Enclave II, Islamabad, Pakistan

PO Box No: 1032

Tel: 051 2279491, 227 9492

Fax: 051 2825442

Email: polemb@isb.comsats.net.pk

Pakistan Embassy, Poland

Address: Staroscinska 1, Apt. 1/2, 02-516 Warsaw, Poland

Tel: (48 22) 8494808, 8944938

Fax: (48 22) 8491160

Email: pkembwaw@mailer.cst.tpsa.pl

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