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MOFA & GERRY’s inquiry:

So my relatives are applying for Italian visa (family reunion visa).
So the issue is that gerry’s office at islamabad is asking for attested copies of original documents (birth certificate, MRC, FRC etc) from MOFA.
But MOFA has changed their policies from 5th March where they don’t attest photocopies anymore.

They were at gerry’s today and were sent back asking to get photocopies attested from MOFA, as Italian embassy still requires so.

This is so worry-some for them, as they have very short time left for application submission, moreover travelling to islamabad daily to get rejected on this basis is frustrating.

Any experts here, please advise on how to go about this. Or any one from GERRY’s office here who can shed some light.

Thanks & Regards

Posting on behalf of someone:


  1. Hi Hassan, you can go through this link for all the information you require:

    It should be enough, but if you need any further advice, feel free to DM me.

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