Qatar passport visa free countries

What are qatar passport visa free countries?

Qatar is country that comes in the group of GCC. Its influence in the world has been improved. The Qatari citizens can visit seventy nine countries. It is a good visa free score for Qatar. The Qatar passport visa free countries are 79. According to Henley & Partner Visa Restriction Index 2016, you Qatari passport is more powerful among the ranking of other passports. Now Qataris can travel without visa. Now as per the latest edition, Qatari passport holders now have the power of 199 passports. For getting more information about it, you may visit online.Qatar passport visa free countries

How to get Qatar Passport?

Getting Qatari passport is not easy for a common man. The citizen of Qatar can only get the passport only. Some of the people who are eligible for Qatari Passport are given below.

  1. Applicants who have Qatari mothers are eligible
  2. Candidate must have Arabic knowledge
  3. Applicant must use the legal ways of earning
  4. Applicant must have clean criminal record with good character
  5. A person who has been living for 25 years with gaps less than 6 months.

Authority that issues Qatar Passport

The Qatar government is authorized to issue the passport to the applicant.

Visa Free Countries for Qatar

The whole GCC is open for Qatar. All six states do not require visa. some other visa free countries are given below

  1. Turkey
  2. Tunisia
  3. Thailand
  4. Switzerland
  5. Sudan
  6. Singapore
  7. Serbia
  8. Philippine
  9. Panama
  10. New Zealand
  11. Morocco

On arrival visa

Get on arrival visa if you are Qatari passport holders.

  1. Armenia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Bolivia
  5. Brunei
  6. Cambodia
  7. Cape Verde
  8. Comoros
  9. Djibouti
  10. Guinea-Bissau

How to travel through Qatar passport visa free countries?

It is very easy to travel in these visa free countries. If a Qatari wants to go for studies and for doing business they he must choose visa free country. In this way, they will get opportunity of easy movement. It makes their tasks easy and boost up their profit. It helps them for getting good opportunities for legal procedures.

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