Requirements for visa to Estonia

Requirements for visa to Estonia

Requirements for visa to Estonia

All 28 countries that are a member of the European Union are also included in the Schengen territory. This means all these countries are now open for visiting of people from different parts of the world. Similarly, Estonia is a country that became part of the European Union in the year of 2007. Ever since then it has been granting visas to all potential applicants from different parts of the world. Within a decade of opening international visa, Estonia has granted over 100,000+ visas to people from various parts of the world. The country is, therefore, a metropolitan with people from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Visa to Estonia

There are people from various countries (particularly the ones that are a part of the European Union) that do not require a visa to travel to Estonia. However, people from all other countries that are lie in the Middle East, South Asia, Australia or the States do need a visa to travel to Estonia. In order to get their hands on a traveling pass from their homeland to the beautiful Estonia, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled first.

General requirements

Here are some general requirements that you will need to fulfill to apply for a visa, regardless of the type of visa. The fulfillment of all general requirements is mandatory with no exceptions in the policy for anybody.

  • Visa Application submission

A visa application form must be submitted to the embassy with all required details. The form is available on the web page of the country’s visa embassy.

  • Passport size pictures

Passport size pictures with a light (preferably sky blue background).

  • Passport

A valid passport with a minimum 2 blank pages for visa issuance

  • Citizenship evidence

Proof of citizenship of the homeland of the applicant i.e. NIC, birth certificate, marriage certificate, job/income certificate

  • Bank Statement

Bank statement with a minimum closing balance as required by the country applying to for visa

  • Cover Letter

Cover letter which clearly states the purpose of visiting Estonia i.e. the type of visa that one is applying for (such as immigration, visiting, work permit or student visa).

Additional Requirements

The additional visa requirements are the following.

Work permit requirements

For a work permit visa, the following requirements need to fulfill. The requirements will, however, vary from a person who is employed by any company or a person who is self-employed i.e. runs his own personal business.

  • Employed by some company

An employed person will have to provide evidence of his/her current income statement, bank statement of past 6 months with and tax clearance certificate.

  • Self-employed

A self-employed person will need to show tax clearance certificate and business operating license.

Student visa requirements

  • Acceptance letter from university in Estonia
  • Clearance letter from educational institution in present residing country

Immigration visa requirements

  • Sponsorship letter from an Estonian citizen
  • Bank statement for past 6 months record

Visit visa requirements

  • Closing statement of bank account

Estonian national spouse visa requirements

  • Marriage certificate
  • Citizenship of spouse from Estonian State

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