Netherlands Visa: Types, Requirements, Application & Guidelines

Complete Visa Application Details for Netherlands Visa

A Schengen member state and traditionally rich European country, Netherlands give you many reasons to visit its land. Regardless of the purpose for which you are traveling to Netherlands, you will be required to get hands on a visa grant first. There are different types of visa that you can apply for and each type of visa comes with a different set of visa requirements to fulfill.

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Netherlands Visa Requirements

Netherlands Visa History:

Netherlands visa is more popularly known as the Dutch Schengen Visa. As a member state of the Schengen territory, Netherlands is a visa-free zone for all residents of Schengen member countries. It became a part of the European Union and Schengen territory in 1995. Ever since then, it has granted average 450,000+ visas to people from different parts of the world.

Netherlands Visa Types:

There are many different visa categories that are present to cater to the varying needs of the people. If you are planning to visit Netherlands, you first need to specify the visa type or purpose of traveling. This will be done by attaching a cover letter with travel details and purpose of the visa application. The additional requirements that are applicable in addition to the general conditions will be accordingly to the type of visa applied for.

General Requirement for Netherlands Visa:

The general requirements for the Dutch visa are mentioned below. Remember that these are obligatory terms and conditions and need to be followed for filing visa application to the Dutch embassy, regardless of the type of visa that is being applied for.

Note: You can download visa application form from the Dutch Embassy official site and fill out all mandatory details.

  • Passport size photographs, minimally 2 need to be attached with the form
  • Photographs should have a lighter background
  • Valid passport copies need to be attached.
  • Passport should be at least 6 to 12 months away from expiry
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of travel
  • The cover letter should be addressed to the embassy officials of Netherlands
  • Bank statement that clearly states that you are able to fund at least 6 months of stay in Netherlands.

Requirements According to Visa Type:

There are other requirements that are only applicable in accordance with the type of visa that is being applied for.

Tourist/Visit Visa needs a sponsorship letter attached with the application. The proof of citizenship of sponsor also needs to be mentioned clearly.

Business Visa needs to have an invitation letter attached for the employee or the organization. Moreover, the duration of stay, as well as a number of employees traveling, should be stated. Accommodation details can be provided in case of pre-bookings.

Medical Visa will require having the medical reports, treatment records and official appointment letter in a Netherlands hospital (government or private) attached with the visa application form at time of submission

Note: It is strongly advisable to always check the visa details with the official Dutch embassy authorities to keep track with all recent updates in visa policy.

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