Requirements of Dubai Visa for Afghan Nationals

Requirements of Dubai visa for Afghan Nationals

In the recent times, there have been a lot of modifications that have been made in the visa policy for the Afghan nationals. This is owing to the economic and political changes in the Government of the country. If Afghan nationals seek a visa for Dubai, they will have to fulfill certain requirements beforehand. Without the fulfillment of certain criterion, it is not possible to avail Dubai Visa for Afghan Nationals.

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Requirements of Dubai Visa for Afghan Nationals

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Requirements of Dubai Visa

If you are an Afghan national, the following are important requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to submit a visa application for further processing.


The first thing that will be required for further visa processing is a valid passport. This is a mandatory requirement that cannot be ignored. No visa application is accepted without a valid passport.

Passport photographs

You will need to provide at least 2 to 3 photographs passport size. The dimensions for passport size photographs are 14 x 14 inches. You can contact the concerned embassy for further details.

Proof of citizenship

As a national citizen of Afghanistan, you will be asked to provide proof of citizenship along with your visa application form. Proof of citizenship can come in form of national identity card for adults and B-form for applicants who are under-age.

Bank statement

According to the modified visa policy, there is a specific amount of money that needs to be present in an active bank account of an Afghani national in order for him/her to apply for Dubai visa. The exact amount can be confirmed with the embassy. Your bank statement should show at least 6 months of active transactions.

Proof of employment

You will need to provide a letter of appointment from the company you are working with. In case you are self-employed or running your own business, you will need to provide your business details included tax payment details.

Cover letter

A cover letter will be required to be attached with the visa application form. This is obligatory for all Afghan nationals. You will need to clearly specify the purpose of traveling to Dubai from Afghanistan. This is important to determine whether your purpose of traveling matches the visa type you have applied for.

Travel details

If you wish to travel to Dubai from Afghanistan, you will be required to provide your travel details to the embassy as well. This includes any confirmed tickets copies as well as flight days and timing.

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