What are the Requirements of Jordan Visa for Pakistani Citizens?

What are the Requirements of Jordan Visa for Pakistani Citizens?

If you are planning a trip to Jordan anytime soon then here is the detailed information for all the requirements needed as a Pakistani national to apply for a Jordanian visa.

Cover Letter:

The first thing that you need for a Jordan tourist visa is a cover letter, which must explain in detail why you are visiting the country and the duration of your stay.

Bank Statements:

It is always considered appropriate to attach bank statements showing your current financial state. If you are employed then the statement of your income for the last 6 months needs to be attached. If you own your own business then your business’ bank statement might be required.


While compiling the sets of documents, there need to be 2 recent passport sized photographs each attached to every document set.


Make sure to attach a clear copy of your Computerized National ID card (CNIC) along with the application. This enables the Jordanian authorities to confirm your identity and citizenship of Pakistan.


You need to make sure that your passport is valid at least for the next 6 months. You will be required to attach a copy of your passport along with every set of the application form.

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What are the Requirements of Jordan Visa for Pakistani Citizens?

Definite Hotel Booking:

The Jordanian authorities would want to validate your lodgings during the stay in their country. Therefore book your hotel accommodation and direct mail the lodging details to the Jordanian Embassy in Pakistan as you apply for the visa.

Flight Itinerary:

Attach the copies of your entire flight itinerary which clearly states the dates of your departure from Pakistan and also your return from Jordan.

Supplementary Information:

It is obligatory for you to submit 3 sets of the visa application forms along with other supplementary documents for Jordan Visa for Pakistani citizens. Every set must be comprised of a visa application form in addition to a private information form.

The single-entry form costs 880 PKR, whereas the multiple-entry form costs 1680 PKR.

Once you have made sure your documentation is complete, submit it with the Jordanian Embassy in Islamabad. After submission, expect a processing time for about 3 to 4 weeks.

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