Review of my trip to Morocco

First my two cents on Casablanca. Literally translated White House, Casablanca grows on you. I came with little expectations having read a lot of poor reviews. Every one recommends cities of Marrakech, Fez and Rabat for visit in Morroco. But having spent a whole day walking it's streets, I kind of like it.
It's true that other than Sultan Muhammad Mosque there isn't any building of much significance in Casablanca but almost the whole city centre with its mix of new and old buildings gives Casablanca it's own unique flavour. Old Medina takes you back to a Barber town of the 17th century while open cafes reflect any European city.
People are nice and friendly other than an odd individual at the airport or train station trying to rip you off. French and Arabic are the two main languages but you can survive on English and a bit of sign language. You can truly see the Islamic and western culture coexisting peacefully in the streets.
Large number of families enjoying the holiday reminded me of Pakistan. There were families on the beach, in the streets, in the parks. Everywhere.
Casablanca is not your ideal tourist destination but it is a city where you can come to have a relaxed holiday


The moment you arrive in Marrakech, it captivates you. A medieval town existing within a modern city. Train ride from Casablanca to Marrakech is rather boring with more or less the same scenery. And then you enter the outskirts of Marrakech and get overwhelmed by its magnificence.
The train station is beautiful and so is the rest of the city
But it was too hot to walk so I did what I had to do; rent a scooter. I had already dropped my plan of adventure bike ride to the Atlas mountains. That would have been a ride of a lifetime but being alone I decided not to take the risk. Marrakech truly comes alive at night. I doubt if anybody stays home. Tagine , a traditional Moroccan dish is a must. Jemaa el Fna is the centre of all activities during day and night. Bahia Palace is an exceptional example of Moroccan architecture and must not be missed. Koutoubia Mosque stands out for its imposing minaret. There are plenty of other places to visit in Marrakech. A city that will certainty captivate you.
Morocco would be an exceptional experience for the Western visitors. I had fun but it was much like Pakistan with added sense of security and better cleanliness. Did I regret coming here; not for a minute. Will I come again; probably not


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