Role of Afghanistan embassy in New York

Role of Afghanistan Embassy in New York

The Afghanistan consulate in New York is offering comprehensive visa services to the locals. The main aim of the embassy located in New York is to create and encourage positive relationships between the United States of America and Afghanistan. There is a very important role that the Afghan embassy plays in New York. It is helping people understand the visa policy of Afghanistan government and apply for visa accordingly.

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Role of Afghanistan embassy in New York

Information Provider

A team of highly qualified, knowledgeable and skilled professionals is present on duty at all times at the Afghanistan embassy in New York. This embassy will provide all adequate information that is required for applicants to know before the file for visa processing to the foreign country. You will be able to find out all important queries addressed on the official embassy website. You can also visit the embassy in New York to get important information regarding visa to Afghanistan.

Visa Processing

The embassy plays a crucial role in processing the visa for the residents of New York to get a visa to Afghanistan. The officials at the embassy will be able to take care of all minor details involved in the processing of the visa.

Fee Submission

The visa fee that is required to apply for Visa to visit or travel to Afghanistan is submitted in the embassy at New York. The fee charged is split between the states of America and Afghanistan as per the policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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