Saxony Switzerland

Is a place located in the state of Saxony, Germany ( yes its not in switzerland). It has been named because of the beautiful landscape that it offers, that are not less than switzeland (pakka promise).
If you are in germany you can easily come here on a day trip and you are not gonna regret it.
1. Get to Dresden Hauptbahnhof
2. You have to get a S1/S2 Bahn from there that goes to Pirna and its adjustcent areas
3. Get off at either stad Wehlen ( if you wanna walk through the beautiful wheat and tulip fields) or you can directly get of at Kurort rathen stop
4. From Kurort rathen you need to get on ferry to cross the river elbe and get on the other side of the river
5. When you get on the other side of the river you can either take a bus to get to the top (bastei) or you can hike on one of the hiking trails
6. Hiking trails of rathen are challenging ( not easy at all, 230m high and that too very steep) but the experience is worth it.
7. After the hike you will reach bastei and the view is beyond anyone's imagination.
Breathtaking suchi main.
8. The last bus that goes down from bastei to rathen is 5.00 pm and if you have missed it you have to come down from the same hiking trail.
9. Cross the river again and get the s Bahn to Dresden and then back to your home.
10. S bhan goes every hour to Dresden City and the ferry to cross river operates till 01.00 am.

It was magical, beautiful and a bit tiring. But totally worth the effort and the money.

You can know more about this place in this article :…/r…/how-to-get-here.html

Saxony Switzerland
Saxony Switzerland
Saxony Switzerland
Saxony Switzerland
Saxony Switzerland


  1. You can also take a rent a car max 50 euros per day its a 32 min scenic drive all the way to sax and yes then jump on the ferry. Saves alot of time and effort also from dresden huptbahnof you can take a scenic tour bus for 30 euros including the ferry ticket. But yes the place is beautiful

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