Schengen France Visa Requirements

General  Schengen France Visa Requirements

France became a part of the European Union in 1997 and ever since then has been open to visa applications from all over the world. An average 87% of visa applications are responded to positively by the French government whilst only a few are rejected based on a strong reason. As a Schengen state member as well, France has a few set of terms and conditions that are important to be fulfilled if one wants to file for visa successfully. It depends on the nature of visa being applied for what the visa requirements are.

Schengen France Visa Requirements

Schengen Countries Free Access:

The good news for all Schengen member countries is that they do not require having a visa permit to travel to France. All Schengen member states have a free access across the French border. Therefore if you live in a Schengen member country, you will not require a visa to travel to France.

Note: If you are a passport holder that list’s France as a visa-free zone, you will not require a visa to travel to French land. In other cases, visa exemptions depend on your nationality.

General Terms and Conditions for Schengen Countries:

In order to apply for a visa to France, there are two set of requirements. The general conditions are obligatory and applicable on ALL whilst the varying conditions vary according to the type of visa being applied for. General conditions include

  • Honest details entered into the visa application form which can be Download Schengen France Visa from official embassy site
  • 2-3 passport size photographs, preferably with lighter background
  • Valid passport copy with two blank pages for visa grant
  • Sponsorship letter details and copy (if applicable)
  • Bank Statement enough to fund 6 months of stay in France
  • Return ticket copies (in case of pre-bookings)

Additional Requirements:

In addition to the general requirements, the following additional terms and conditions for visa application will be applicable if

Schengen France Visa for Working:

Work has two categorizations and each category has a different set of requirements.

  • If you are employed by some other company, you will require submitting your work contract along with a permission letter from employer to travel on work leave, bank statement for past 6 months transactions and an income tax certificate that clearly states that you pay the income tax returns regularly.
  • If you are running your own business of any scale, you will be required to submit your business license, bank statement for past 6 month’s transactions and ITR (income tax returns) report.

Schengen France Visa for Retired:

In case you are aged above 55 years and are retired from your occupational position, the first thing that I obligatory for you to attach with the visa application is your retirement letter. In addition to it, make sure to attach the pension record.

Schengen France Visa for Studying:

If you are a student and traveling for study purpose i.e. higher education, research or internship, you will be required to provide the following detailed documents along with visa application.

  • Bank statement or awarded scholarship
  • Acceptance letter at a French institution
  • Leaving certificate from current school, college or university

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