Schengen study visa without IELTS

Schengen study visa without IELTS

Schengen is an amalgamation of all the significant states of Eurozone. A study in any of these states without IELTS is always a dire concern of the individuals.Schengen study visa without IELTS

Following is the information about all what you will be needing to get the visa without IELTS:

Why is IELTS not the requisite?

As most of the international universities require IELTS, most particularly good scores of IELTS to pour into the universities as a student. But there are many universities that do not require IELTS or TOFEL for the admission. They commend online interview and on the basis of this they decide about the admission.

The other requisites apart from IELTS:

The individual must have proficiency in good spoken and written English. One most important attribute is that his or her accent must be good enough to go through the interview part. The other major requirement by most of the universities in Schengen states is that the individual must have his or her recent last five-year education in the English medium. Moreover, the degree in which he or she is being applied must be in English.      He or she must apply in his or her own domain that is the same domain in which he or she possess their previous degree.

List of the universities that negate the requisition of IELTS:

Following is the list of the universities and colleges that are offering admissions without the requirement of IELTS or TOEFL.

Universities in Norway:

The University of Oslo is one of the most prestigious institutions. It is offering taking admissions in the selective degree programs without the need of IELTS score. So if you are lucky enough to get your desired degree program without IELTS you can always avail the opportunity.

Well known Universities in the UK:

The university of Bristol and The University of Bolton are offering such programs. Apart from these Universities institutions like London South Bank University and Robert Gordon University are also offering some amazing programs that do not require IELTS or TOEFL. But you must be kept in mind that these universities require some English language skills to get the admission. This is to keep the level of the university and maintain a balance of environment in the institution.

Universities in Poland:

To take admission in universities of Poland without IELTS is one of the most simple and easy ways. They are offering admission letters within three to four days. Their fee structure is up to 4000 euros. They are offering a plethora of degree programs for masters as well as bachelor’s level.

Universities in Canada:

Brock University and Carleton University are offering such degree programs. The apart University of Winnipeg and the University of Regina are also offering many degree programs without IELTS. Additionally, the Memorial University and the Concordia University are also giving opportunities to the individuals. All they require is some good score in SAT and GRE. They are of the opinion that students who have received their previous degrees from recognized English medium institutions depict their knowledge about English.

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