Schengen visa application cover letter

Schengen visa application cover letter

A cover letter is a document that clearly states the purpose for which you are traveling to the foreign country. The cover letter needs to be submitted along with the visa application to the embassy for grant of visa permit.Schengen visa application

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Cover letter details

If you are planning to apply for a visa to some foreign country soon and need to write a cover letter; you should first be aware of complete details that the cover letter includes.

  • Purpose

The first and most important thing that your cover letter should include is the purpose of your travel. The rest of the cover letter will be shaped according to the purpose for which you are traveling.

  • Sponsor details

If you have someone sponsoring you, it is mandatory that the sponsor details are clearly mentioned in the cover letter. Moreover, sponsorship proof should also be included.

  • Travel details

The travel details including time duration return ticket copies and schedule for the trip.

  • Required documents details

There are several documents that are required to be attached with the visa application. The required obligatory documents include bank statement for past 6 months, sponsorship letter, passport copies and other documents depending on the purpose you are traveling for. However, in absence of any one document you are most likely not going to be permitted visa grant. It is, therefore, important to mention in the cover letter if any document is missing.  The reason should be clearly mentioned.

Writing a cover letter: Format

Writing a cover letter is fairly easy. You should only be familiar with the format. By following the format, you can easily create a detailed and meaningful cover letter to communicate with the visa officer.

  • Begin by jotting down the date of application submission.
  • Address the embassy for the country you are applying for a visa For instance, if you are an Indian and applying for a visa to New Zealand; address the New Zealand embassy.
  • State the subject in one line followed by your passport number.
  • The main body; this should be no more than 10 lines. It can be broken down into two paragraphs. This should be the precise and clearly stated purpose of travel.

Why is it important to submit a cover letter?

Time and time again it has been emphasized that a cover letter should be submitted to the visa agency along with the visa application. Many people do not consider this to be obligatory and can leave it out. However, it is important to remember that most of the times; you are not called in to meet up with the visa officer in person.

Hence, the visa officer has equal chances to reject your application as much as he can approve it. It is thus, strongly advised that you never leave out the cover letter and always attach a copy along with the visa form. This way you are communicating your purpose of travel to the visa officer beforehand.



Note: Always confirm cover letter format with the embassy of the concerned country.

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