Download Schengen Visa Application Form

Schengen Visa Application Form

To apply for a visa to any Schengen member state, you will be required to fill out the application form. This visa form is available on any of the Schengen country’s embassy official website. In case you hire a visa expert, he will take care of everything on your behalf and you will not need to worry about anything. However, if you are applying directly for a visa to the concerned country’s embassy for visa grant, you will be required to fill out all essential details on the visa application form yourself. It is, therefore, advisable that you are aware of the basics to filling out visa form to make sure that your visa application is not rejected.

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Download Schengen Visa Application Form

Note: The mandatory details do not have the option to be left out. In the case of all detailed information not being provided or information provided being inaccurate; visa application will be rejected immediately without further processing.

Schengen Visa Visa Form Details:

There are many little boxes and categorizations on the visa application form. However, if you have no experience you will not know that not all sections are mandatory to be filled out. Read on to find out about the compulsory details you need to include in your application form.

  • Your name; first name and surname.
  • If your surname was different at the time of birth (in the case of married individuals) you will need to provide details.
  • Birth details; place, country, time, birth certificate
  • Nationality and proof of citizenship
  • Passport type and passport number (attach valid passport copies as well)
  • NIC (national identity card) number
  • Recent passport size photographs with a light blue background (applicable for all Schengen countries)
  • Any previous travel records and visa grants
  • Postal address i.e. permanent address and current address where you can be reached
  • Marital status; Married, single, divorced, widow/widower
  • Purpose of travel (attach cover letter as well)

Schengen Member Country(s) Visa Details:

In addition to all above information, Schengen visa details will also be required. This includes complete information about all previous travels to any Schengen member state along with the duration of travel and visa evidence of all previous travels.

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