Schengen Visa Application Information

Schengen Visa Application Information

Certain data must be known and requirements to be matched for applying the Schengen visa information. On planning to travel in any Schengen country, it is best to inform the embassy of the country you wish to stay the most. On being granted the multiple entry visa, you will be allowed to travel all the Schengen zone countries.Schengen Visa Application Information

Schengen Visa Information Regarding the Embassy:

You will have to personally appear and hand in the documents to the embassy once you have made the visa appointment. The appointment should be taken, at least 2 weeks prior, to allow the necessary work to be done. The Schengen countries may have slight differences in allotting their visas, however the requirements are pretty much the same. The differences play role depending on the embassy requirements, current economic status and identification documents.

Information Regarding the Visa and Application:

  • The Visa application must be duly filled with the recent passport photograph
  • The passport, along with copies of previous visas is required. The passport must be valid for at least 3 months and 2 blank pages.
  • Visa consultation firms are recommended for covering flight reservations, routes and hotel stays.
  • Travel health insurance policy must be present for covering any health issues. The insurance can be cancelled if visa is not allotted.
  • Proofs of accommodation and sufficient subsistence must be provided.


  • Birth certificate
  • Application form signed by both parents.
  • If held in one parent’s custody, the family court order must be provided.
  • Copies of both parents
  • If minor is to be traveling alone, notarized parental authorization must be signed by the parents.

Please note that the information provided in this article is related to the current and updated policies of Schengen visa for other counties. The criteria has not been changed whatsoever and that is why we are certain about the authenticity of the information provided.

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