Schengen Visa: Description and Requirements

Schengen Visa: Description and Requirements

If you are interested in travelling to Europe countries and you are angry or uncomfortable with the ordinary visa process and trying to look for a solution then you are standing at the right place. The best solution for this problem is Schengen Visa. It is a type of visa which allows you to move freely within the European countries. Many people may already have some know how regarding Schengen visa and they look for more deep information. So here you will get complete Schengen Visa Info that will make your concept clearer and you will be able to travel to these countries easily.

Schengen Visa: Description and Requirements

More about Schengen Visa:

Schengen visa is actually a document or agreement between 26 countries. These countries allow their citizens to visit other European countries like a single country. Usually, visa procedures are hectic and for each country, you require a separate visa but Schengen visa removes this complexity and allows you to travel to all European countries with only one visa. The individuals can only travel within Schengen area.

Schengen area is a specific area which includes 26 countries. You can move within these countries on the basis of Schengen visa. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary,  France, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, and  Liechtenstein. Now the question arises that who needs a Schengen Visa and what are its requirements?

Schengen Visa Necessities:

The citizens which are residing in non-Schengen states are demanded to take a Schengen Visa if they want to enter Schengen Zone. In case if you want to travel and visit the Schengen countries then you have to apply for Schengen visa at designated embassy. Other requirements are simple and ordinary like other. You require a visa form, a photo of passport size, proof of accommodation, and proof of appropriate means of existence. Schengen Visas are three types National visas, Uniform Schengen Visas and Limited Territorial Validity Visas. The fee structure is also different. For short stay which is less than 90 days, 60 EUR are charged and 99 EUR are charged, for a long stay which is more than 90 days.

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