Schengen Visa: How to Apply from The US

Schengen Visa: How to Apply from The US

How to Apply for a Schengen Visa

You can apply for the Schengen visa from the website by downloading it or by filling it online. There is one question to consider though, do you need a Schengen visa at all to enter the Schengen territory?

There are certain countries that do not require a Schengen visa to enter or transit through the Schengen area. Citizens of such countries can enter the territories but under some specific conditions.

Citizens of other countries would have to undergo the full procedure of applying for a visa and selecting the sort of visa that matches their requirements.

Requirements and Procedures

To apply for a visa if needed, you need to undergo a few steps.

Application Form: You need to fill an application form in order to apply. The form can be found on the website of Schengen visa info. You can download the form and fill it up by hand. If you are writing on the form it is preferred that you use black ink. You can also fill the form online by typing into it. Later having that form printed out for submission.

Travel Itinerary: You require a travel itinerary or simply proof of travel, in order to apply for the visa. The documents are used to get aware of the information that how long exactly you would like to stay. This is figured out by having a look at your departure and arrival dates.

How do US citizens apply for Schengen Visa?

The citizens of the United States are one of those citizens that do not require a visa to enter or transit through a Schengen country. The residents of America can enter and stay in the Schengen territories for up to 90 days without applying for a visa. They only require a blue travel passport to have their journey.

Things to keep in mind

There are certain things that have to be kept in mind. Certain conditions and situations arise that may get the people confused. So, it is better to know first what you are going to have to face than facing the situation and feeling confused.

There are conditions when people get confused and can’t figure out what to apply for. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Visiting One Country

If you want to visit only one country, you should go to the related embassy and apply for the country that you wish to visit.

Several Countries

If you wish to visit several countries within the Schengen territory, then you must apply for the country where you would stay for most of your time.

Several Countries with same durations

If somehow a situation comes when you have to visit several countries with almost the same durations, the you should apply for the country that you with visit first.

This is how you can visit a Schengen territory if you are a citizen on the United States.

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