Schengen Visa Information at their Official Website


Any information related to visa for Schengen zone can be easily found on their website. What details can be provided by the website are listed below:

Schengen Visa Information about Agreement:

This part of the website offers information on the history of the Schengen area formation. The latest update on Schengen agreement is of 2011. The page also shows the potential members that might join the Schengen zone. The page also reveals the territories that are not part of the Schengen zone.Schengen Visa Information

Schengen Area Countries List:

This part of the website informs the countries that are present in the Schengen zone. The page highlights all the European countries that are i. are in Schengen zone and EU, ii. Are in Schengen zone and not in EU, iii. Are not in Schengen zone and in EU, iv Candidates.

This page also highlights the essential features of the Schengen area. Along with the countries, Schengen related legal text that is adopted within EU law is provided. The page also presents the criteria for being a Schengen member. The page also highlights the security system that is being implemented in Schengen Area.


The Schengen visas are deeply explained in who needs a Schengen Visa, Schengen Visa Types, Schengen Visa Free, Visa application requirements, how and where to apply, Visa Application guidelines, Schengen Visa Insurance. The pages focus all queries, requirements, and documentations. Every information, related to Schengen area, is enlisted and for further details, the contact is also provided. The Statistics related to visa are also mentioned. The news/blogs related to Schengen area are present on the website. For any query regarding Schengen visa, the FAQ section is available as well.

All in all, Schengen visa information is given in their official website. For further information, that is the right place to visit.

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