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Schengen Visa Information on Asylum Criteria


Schengen Visa Information on Asylum Criteria

Considering the asylum Schengen visa information, it may not be very clear. The obscurity is there owing to the individual cases of seeking asylum. Applications for seeking asylum are rooted in the laws of EU. As the borders are opened in the Schengen agreement, there are certain ways of filtering the asylum seekers from the ordinary citizens.

Information of separating Schengen Visa regarding Asylum seekers:

  • VIS:

Visa Information System, also known as, VIS. Its main job is to share the visa information between the countries of the Schengen region and the countries of EU. This measure helps border check process and fights unlawful actions. It is also helpful for finding the appropriate country for the asylum seeker to live in Schengen zone or anywhere in EU. 


EUDODAC, known as European Dactyloscopy, is the concerned mechanism for the safety of the citizens of Schengen region and EU. EURODAC is a database which holds the finger impressions of all the asylum seekers and illegal border crossers. This database is not valid for asylum seeks under ages of 14. Also, this helps in confirming the physical identity of the asylum seeker. Other than sorting asylum seekers, this mechanism also filters any potential threat from entering the EU or Schengen zone.

It must be noted that asylum seekers are first filtered through the EU rules and regulations, are then passed on to the Schengen zone for residence. The procedure of putting the asylum seeker in his/her appropriate country may take months. The procedure finds as much information as possible on the focused person. This is to ensure the applicant is not a potential threat to the Schengen community. After the whole process is finished, the asylum seeker is allowed to live in the country as chosen by the EU.

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