Schengen Visa Requirements For Application Form

Schengen Visa Requirements For Application Form

Schengen visa info about the application form is explained in the context given below. It must be considered that these documents are necessary for all kinds of visa. Visas with different purposes such as visiting Schengen zone for work, business, studies, or tourism will demand different documents as well. All these documents may slightly vary from embassy to embassy. Also, the embassy has the right to process the applicant’s appeal in every possible way they may want to. The embassy may cancel the application or approve it, depending on how your application satisfies the requirements.Schengen Visa Requirements For Application Form

The following are mandatory for Schengen visa application:

Schengen Visa Info about application:

  • Passport sized picture should be recent. The photograph must high the facial features of the applicant
  • The applicant must present his/her passport. The passport should be valid maximum up to 10 years. It must have 2 blank pages, at least. If there are any previous visas, their copies should also be forwarded with the application.
  • An itinerary must also be presented. Itinerary is a document that discloses the routes and plans for the traveling. It must be valid, properly planned, and should be followed when entering the Schengen zone.
  • Travel insurance should also be applied. Travel insurance covers all the costs regarding health, travel, and stays. They are of minimum Euro 30,000. Insurance companies of the applicant’s country will be providing that. It must also be remembered that upon the rejection of Visa, the insurance can be refunded fully or partially.
  • Bank statement of the last 6 years.
  • All necessary documents to be brought along depending on the nature of the visa. They could be the invitation letter from the institute the applicant wishes to study. A business appointment letter, in case of business. Employment letter, in case of work.

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