Schengen Visa Requirements for Business Travel | Schengen visa requirement

Schengen visa requirements for covering business trips are fulfilled whose sole purpose is to do business any party residing in the Schengen zone. Considering business trip, the visa holder is not required to have citizenship of the destined country.

Schengen Visa Requirements for Business Travel | Schengen visa requirementSchengen Visa Requirements

Who can apply for Business Schengen Visa trip?

Non-European citizens who wish to travel Schengen zone for business purposes will be asked to apply to apply for Short-term Schengen visa citing business specification. The visa entry may be of single or multiple entries, depending on the visa type. The visa will be valid for 90 days for every 180 days period.

 Documentation Required:

The application form must be duly filled. The following points must be considered:

  • The application along with all required documents must be personally handed over to the embassy.
  • Recent passport photo must be attached showing the full face.
  • The passport must be at least 3 months valid, with at least 2 pages blank, and also with copies of previous visas.
  • Copy of reservation of ticket must be present.
  • Travel insurance must be secured which will be covering all health expenses and repatriation.
  • Cover letter highlighting the purpose of the visit.
  • Brief profile of the applicant’s company/organization.
  • Memorandum and article of association in original certified copy.
  • Current Bank statements.
  • Letter from employer, flawlessly explaining the purpose for traveling and the route covered while in Schengen zone.
  • Invitation letter from the company residing in Schengen zone.
  • Concerning the applicant’s expenses, it must be stated that the company or employer will be responsible for covering the expenses during the applicant’s stay.
  • Flight ticket reservations
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Previous trade relations proofs that were held between the applicant and the company, if any.

While the requirements for Schengen visa have been listed, the duration of the process may take up to 2 months.

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