Schengen visa requirements for international students in the UK

Schengen visa requirements for international students in the UK

Schengen visa is a kind of visa that is the part of Schengen visa scheme signed by 25 nation states that are also the part of European Economic Area.

Duration of Schengen Visa for Europe:

The duration of the Schengen visa for Europe is three months. You can easily travel in the space of the block of these twenty-five states with this visa. So having an authentic visa of any one of the Schengen state will always enable you to travel freely in the zone of the Schengen states as per the Schengen Scheme.Schengen visa requirements for international students

What are the significant requisites of visas for international students?

If you are not European and want to study in Europe with the Schengen visa you will be full filing some certain requirements. Your passport is valid for three months while leaving any of the Schengen state or Europe. You must have all the necessary documents to prove your identity as a student as any official can ask you anytime.

What are the documentation requirements before applying for such visa?

The documentation requirements includes the following set of documents and application forms:

The first and foremost thing is that you must download the application form for the visa from the official website and it is incumbent upon you to fill the form with all the authentic information. It must be filled electronically that it handwritten forms will be rejected. This signed application form after completion must be attached with all the relevant educational and personal documents. These application form has mentioned clearly the certificates or documents you will be needing to attach with this form. After collection of all this forms and documents, you will be submitting to the embassy of UK in your country.

What else will be needing during the whole process of visa acquisition?

A traditional Schengen visa for the UK only allows you to spend ninety days in any of the Schengen states. So as a student you must be applying for the residency permit. Keep in mind that you will not be applying for this permit at the time of application of visa. You will be applying for this residency permit once you will reach the UK. This permit will also assist you to travel to any of the Schengen states without any extra documentation requirement. This permit is basically stamped inside the passport.  However as a student in the UK if you want to travel to any other state in the Schengen state you must inform the relative authority.

For those who are already studying at student visa in some other country:

If you are such individual you must keep in mind to apply for Schengen visa while you are having the expiry duration of your contemporary visa of one month. Apart from this, you must apply for the university in the UK for Schengen visa while you are still studying in some other state that is you must be a current student of the relevant university of the other state.

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