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Traveling abroad for fun. There are a lot of people among us that are filled with adventurous ideas and would love to make a foreign trip anytime. But when traveling, there are certain things that must be kept in mind. Like insurance. Insurance covers your accidental expenses. We cannot always carry a lot of money with us can we? So if something bad happens, the insurance covers your expenses and you don’t have to worry about it.


Travel insurance has become a necessity. The European parliament has made it a must for a person to have a travel insurance. The travel insurance should be there in case the person experiences a serious injury, loss of baggage, or even fatal incidents.

Schengen visas provide travel insurance. They have authentic travel insurance that proves to be the best in the time of need.

Who should have Schengen insurance?

Everybody needs insurance. If you are an individual that is not a resident of a Schengen area, then you should always have a Schengen insurance. It does not matter if you are alone or in a group, everybody who is a tourist should have travel insurance. You can get the insurance by purchasing it online.


The Schengen insurance is provided by the health insurance you already have. But not all the health insurances provide our insurance. You are to make sure that the health insurance company that deals with you is also in the Schengen territory you are about to visit. Mawista VISUM is one of the best providers. They are very cheap and give the best service. They also charge nothing if you cancel the service. It is approved by all the embassies.

Tips for having a Travel Insurance

Travel insurances can be tricky. It is always best to do your research and have all the information that you need.

Before purchasing a travel insurance be sure that the health insurance that you already have does not cover any sorts of international expenses.  Also do make sure that the insurance does not have certain limitations and terms that might cause problems in the time of need.

If you are making a trip by road to a Schengen territory, you should have the insurance that covers the health and possession expenses collectively.

If you are having a medical issue, then you should have your medical reports with you all the time. Getting treated by a doctor that is not your usual one might not be that easy if the doctor does not know about your health history

Insurance coverages

Travel insurance usually covers, Evacuations, delayed baggage, Hijacking, Trip interruption, weather delays, flight interruption, return of minor, funeral expenses, accidental death and lost baggage.


There are certain conditions in which the insurances do not cover the losses. The conditions are as follows:

  • The insurance does not cover the expenses of any sorts of sports injury.
  • They do not cover any kind of losses in the state of war.
  • It does not cover the expenses because of suicide.

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