Do Nepalese need a visa to Singapore?

Singapore visa for Nepal passport holder

For the citizens of Nepal the tourist visa of Singapore is not required. They do not require it for the stay of thirty days. Working or residence visa can be granted by the consulate or embassy of Singapore in their country. Candidate can ask for company in Singapore for changing visit visa to the employment pass. For tourism purpose they require no visa to visit the country. On this visa status they cannot work, business or job. For this purpose they need to take work permit. To get work permit they have to fulfill some requirements.Singapore visa for Nepal passport holder

To take Singapore Visa for Nepalese they can check the official site of the government visa policy. Information and updates about the visa requirement and policy are on the search bar of the site. Candidates are accountable for the submitting the documents. They have to check the visa fee that depends on the nature of visa. This visa fee changes according to the visa policy. It is vital to take correct info before applying the visa. Any falsification or wrong records can create hurdles or rejection for the candidate. It is feasible to take the information or the help from the immigrant officers regarding rules and regulations of the visa application. In case of any misrepresentation visa can be rejected or candidates may face objections. The visa fee is non-refundable that is mentioned on the site.

What are requirements of the Singapore visa?

A Citizen of Nepal can apply for the visa of the Singapore with these documents

  • Clear passport copy
  • Photographs
  • National ID card’s copy

Requirements of the photograph for visa

Candidates should apply with the proper photograph as per the rules. For taking the information about the accuracy of the procedure check the official website of the department.

  1. The photocopy of the documents must be clear.
  2. In case of reflection and shadow in the copy, it will be overruled.
  3. Do not use any eye-wear in the visa photographs.
  4. The images must be clear.
  5. Photocopy must not be altered or changed digitally or physically
  6. Paste it vertically.
  7. Do not paste horizontally.
  8. Paste it with glue on the documents
  9. For online submission all the documents must be scanned properly

The highest benefit of the Nepali passport ranking is the easy travelling opportunity for Singapore. It is very easy to go on voyaging with this passport in visa free countries and on arrival visa countries. Moreover, the high ranking passport is the benefit to get easy visa for the countries where visa is required. Nepal comes in the bottom four in the ranking of the passports. But for them, Singaporean visa policy is flexible.

The Nepalese passport holder is the lucky person who can avail the best opportunity to enjoy the travel to Singapore. The journey is not beneficial for visa free countries and on arrival visa countries. The Singaporean visa policy offers the opportunity to get easy visa facility for immigration, study, jobs and visa purpose.

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