Siri, Shogran, KPK

Under this flag, I began my 2018 and today I am again here to say goodbye to this year full of hard work, commitment and reward by the Allah Almighty.

Since the time I stepped into the tourism industry, this year has been the best in all aspects. We have arranged almost twice many tours as previous year, met some of the great travellers from around the globe and most importantly grown as a team.

The increasing interest of travellers is indeed joyful to observe. People who were once scared to visit the northern areas feel secure and enjoy the beauty of Pakistan to its fullest. I must say that the sincere efforts of government to promote tourism has shown its impact. I wish this continues with the same pace and as Khan Saab sees foreigners come to see our beautiful motherland.

Let’s start 2019 with the pray that Allah may bring prosperity to Pakistan and make this place a safe heaven for those who love nature.

Pakistan Zindabaad

Picture Creadit Nabeel H. Rizvi

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— in Siri, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Siri, Shogran, KPK

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