Some information about Antigua and Barbuda Capital

Some information about Antigua and Barbuda Capital

If you plan to visit Antigua and Barbuda this summer, brace yourself. As you are visiting it, you might be interested in finding of its capital. Here, we will put up some information about Antigua and Barbuda Capital.

Some information about Antigua and Barbuda Capital

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Introduction to the Capital

The Capital of Antigua and Barbuda is St. John’s. It is the largest city in the country. The population of the area is somewhere near 22,193. It is the commercial hub of the country as it holds the deep sea port which is major in the Antigua Island.


The history of the area is not too long. The island Antigua and Barbuda was first colonized back in 1632. Since then, it was the administrative center of the area and held a key position in the Island. When Antigua and Barbuda achieved the national independence in 1981, Saint John became the capital of Antigua.


If you happen to visit the Lesser Antilles, you will find out that the city is among the most developed places around. It comes with different popular shopping malls and there are amazing boutiques all over the place. Also, the designer jewellery and haute-couture clothing grab a lot of attention from the visitors.

The economy mainly relies on the tourists as they come to visit the islands. The cruise ships docking and facilitation it provides to people make them most of the money. The presence of banking industry is also strong throughout the location with several big financial companies operating there.

Popular Sights

There are certain popular sites that you should visit if you happen to go to the Antigua and Barbuda capital. First of all, the baroque towers that you can find in the Cathedral of the city are dominating the skyline. The Botanical Garden serves as a great place for people that are willing to take a break from the busy city life. Do not miss the Fort James and the lighthouse.

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