Some information about Dania Beach demographics

There is a lot that can be known when a close look is taken at the Dania Beach demographics. Normally, there is a misconception that Dania Beach is a small town where old and retired people reside after having lived the life of hustle and bustle and now want some peace and quiet. But when a look at the demographics is taken, it is revealed that the case is not so.Dania Beach demographics

Having a total population of more than 29,000, majority of the people that live there do not have a family. This accounts for nearly 46% of the total population. Contrary to popular belief, retired people account for nearly 11% of the total population, which only goes to show how deceiving looks can be.

While it is true that this city is not exactly the destination of only retired people, another fact is that it is considered to be a great place to raise a family. The peaceful and quiet environment ensures that you can have a relaxing time while at the same time not be deprived of all the facilities that make life easy.

The peaceful environment also makes this place a great vacation spot where you can come to refresh and energize yourself once you have grown tired of your hectic schedules. It has some great places that you can visit and you would not be bored due to lack of activities.

If you love antiques and vintage objects, this place would not disappoint. In fact, Dania Beach is often called the arts and antiques district. This is due to the fact that it has streets filled with shops that feature these treasures. You can never grow tired of them. Akiba AntiquesGrace Cafe and Galleries, and Maurizio’s Antiques are just some of the places that you ought to take a look at. You can also plan your vacation around the time when the annual motorcycle vintage show is conducted, which would give you the opportunity to see numerous vintage motorcycles competing to win the prize.

If you are worried about where you would stay, this is not an issue as Dania Beach has some great and comfortable hotels, all of which are great in their services and would ensure that your vacation is a smooth one. The most famous of the tourist attractions at Dania beach is of course the Dania Beach pier where you can simply relax, fish or play depending on your preferences. The quiet environment is something that you do not often get to see at piers, which would make your fishing expedition a rather soothing experience. There are lines of restaurants present that offer you great food.

Dania Beach might not be one of the most talked about tourist attractions but the fact is that it does have a lot to offer. Your vacation would not be a disappointing one if you decide to make this place your destination, especially if you are accompanied by your family. Do give this place a look.

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