South Korea Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

If you want to travel from Pakistan to South Korea, you need to meet the following South Korea tourist visa requirements for Pakistani passport.

South Korea is an East Asian nation that shares its borders with one of the most heavily militarized countries in the world (i.e. North Korea). Despite this, thousands of people from all over the world visit this country to witness its green, hilly countryside dotted with cherry trees and centuries-old Buddhist temples. To be allowed entry into South Korea, people must first apply for a tourist visa. Following are the requirements for a South Korean Tourist visa on a Pakistani passport. As we know that many other countries also has some requirements for Pakistan Passport. For other info check Visainfodesk.

South Korea Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

South Korea Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

Cover Letter

The first item on the list of documents you need before you can be granted a South Korean tourist visa is a cover letter. Above all else, this letter must cover the reason for your visit to the country in detail. If you plan to go to South Korea on a business trip, you are required by law to mention the relationship between you and the company you intend to do business with.

Invitation Letter

The next document that you need for a South Korean visa is an invitation letter. This letter must include all the basic details of your contact in South Korea such as his social security number, residential address, email, and telephone number. Moreover, the original invitation letter must be attested by the Korean Notary Public and sent directly to the South Korean embassy.

Guarantee Letter

You are also required to submit a guarantee letter, which must state that you will be leaving the country on the date mentioned on your flight ticket and that you will respect the rules of the country. Moreover, your host in South Korea must state that your financial means are sufficient to sustain your visit. Like the invitation letter, the original guarantee letter must be attested by the Korean Notary Public.

Passport Size Photographs

You are also required to submit 2 recent pictures of yourself. These pictures should be passport sized and not older than 6 months. Furthermore, these passport size photos must be captured against a white or blue background as this makes the database computers’ job considerably easier.

Bank Statement

Applicants must also submit their bank statements of the last six months. In case a person applying for the Korean visa is self-employed or currently in a business partnership, he will be required to submit a business bank statement of the last 6 months along with a bank letter.


For your South Korean tourism visa to be accepted, you must prove your identity and nationality. To do so, you must submit a copy of your NIC. People travelling with their children are instructed to submit a copy of the family’s B form from NADRA.


You must also provide your original and a photocopy of your National Trade Number certificate.

Chamber of Commerce Certificate

You must also prove your affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce by providing your membership certificate. Bear in mind that both the original and a photocopy must be submitted to the South Korean embassy in Pakistan.

Documents Proving Business Transaction

You are also required to bring along a copy of the documents that prove that you intend to do business transactions in South Korean. Applicants can submit documents like L/C, L/C, B/L, or a sales contract. Obviously, this requirement is only for those individuals who intend to do business during their visit to the country, and people visiting South Korea for recreational or personal purposes are exempted from submitting these documents.

Payment Documents

Another requirement solely for people who intend to do business in South Korea is the submission of payment documents. Applicants can submit documents like a payment receipt of the company, TT or bank draft related to the attached B/L or L/C.

Registration Certificate

The last document that you need for a South Korean visa is a registration certificate of the Korean company you intend to do business with in South Korea. This document must be sent by fax directly to the embassy so that they can verify it easily. Once again, a registration document is only for those people who intend to visit South Korea for business purposes.

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Additional Information for South Korea Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

Applicants visiting South Korea for business purposes must submit their Import and Export License along with their company’s registration papers. The visa fee for a South Korean visa is 2700 PKR for a visa that will be valid for less than 90 days. People who want to stay in the country for more than 90 days are required to cough up 4500 PKR. The visa fee for multiple applicants is 7200 PKR. Regardless of the nature of their visit, we will be charging each client 500 PKR for our services. Applicants are also instructed to tell the embassy of their marital status, their spouse’s name and nationality, their current home address and telephone number, and the countries where they have lived in or travelled to during the last 5 years.

To develop a better understanding of the requirements of visiting South Korea, we instruct our users to visit the official website of the South Korean embassy in Pakistan by clicking here. To make things easier for our users, we have also compiled all the information relevant to getting in touch with the embassy below.

Consulate General of Korea

Address: Block 13, Street 29, G-5/4 Diplomatic Enclave II, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone: Local: (051) 227 9380

Phone: International: +92 51 227 9380

Fax: Local: (051) 227 9391

Fax: International: +92 51 227 9391

Pakistan Embassy, Republic of South Korea

Address: 13 Itaewon dong, Yongsan gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: (822) 796 8252, (822) 796 8253, and (822) 796 0312

Fax: (822) 796 0313, (822) 796 1141, and (822) 796 0316


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