Study in Europe without IELTS

Are you among those who want to study in Europe without IELTS? Here is the solution.

There are many universities in Europe that are providing admission facilities to the students who do not want to caught into the fatigue of getting good scores in IELTS. There is no need to worry about you can get admission in one of the prestigious European universities without IELTS.Schengen study visa without IELTS

Requirements of Bachelors programs:

If you want to take admission in some bachelor degree program, it is now not incumbent to pass IELTS. The requirements by some universities might be like the following.

  • The percentage be lingered around 60 or above in tenth grade and twelve grade.
  • If you want to avoid IELTS you must possess good English speaking and writing skills.
  • You must be able to qualify the telephonic interview taken by the particular university.
  • Your medium of education especially of the past five years must be in English.
  • The form you are filling for the university must be filled with some very good English vocabulary and grammar.

The guideline for the application procedure:

The application is to be submitted online on the particular link given on the official website of the university in which you are going to get admission.

  • Apply for the study visa after the offer is given to you by the university.
  • Apply for the residence and the permission for the accommodation.

Name of universities in Australia and the UK which are offering admissions without IELTS:

The Swinburne University of Technology and The University of Queensland are offering admissions without IELTS. The University of Adelaide and The University of New South Wales on some specific conditions are also offering admissions. The details of these universities and many more universities could be checked on their official websites. It must be kept in mind that these universities are only offering such admissions for few degree programs and encompass certain conditions as well.

Documents required for the study visa:

  • A valid passport is indeed a very basic requisite.
  • The application form to be submitted and fully filled in the correct way with all the mentioned requirements and pictures. These forms are available online.
  • Proper bank statement or a pledge that manifests the financial support of the student who is applying.
  • A medical certificate that depicts that the student if free from any contagious disease.
  • For the adults who are of age more than twenty-one should also have to submit a character certificate.
  • Certain education certificates like a transcript of the last institution attended.
  • Some kind of proof for the traveling. For instance, you might have to submit the return ticket in when the visa has been issued.

The aforementioned documents are the fundamental documents. They could be more depend upon the state and university in which you are applying. The time taken in the issuing of the visa is again all dependent on the way of submitting these application forms, the interview and the level of the institution in which you are applying. A good institution will make you suffer more and their requisites will certainly be more.

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