The details and specifications of the Schengen Agreement

The details and specifications of the Schengen Agreement

The details and specifications of the Schengen Agreement is there for you. The concept to move freely among the Schengen Zone on one visa is very old. The idea has gone through many amendments after the 2nd world war. After the war, Europe has gone through a lot of opposing fragments. One idea was to promote the free Europe with no border while the other was against it. It was France and Germany who took necessary steps and supported the concept of free movement. These countries defined the conditions for the citizens so that they would remain liberal.

Read the details of the Schengen agreement and the countries which signed the agreement.

Convention agreement

The agreement was signed by the countries, which helps to eradicate the border controls. The definition of the procedures for the uniform visa was also established at that time. The Schengen Information System also contributed in the matters between the immigration officers and the internal affairs.

The Schengen agreement now involves the rules and treaties. The real implementation started when the seven countries entered Schengen zone. Those countries were Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, France, Portugal and Spain. The government decided to abolish all the internal borders.

Enlargement of the Schengen Area

The Schengen Area continues to expand, and the journey develops with prosperous. Gradually, one by one all countries starts to enter the European Union. By 2004, almost 14 countries came and joined Schengen zone. However, the intense story of the Schengen does not end here because, in 2007, all of the countries declared the eradication of the sea and the land. In the starting of 2008, the border controls and security rights were also given to the Schengen government. Liechtenstein was the last country to signed the Schengen Agreement and enter the zone.

Area members

In the starting days of the Schengen, the political and the security issues were still unresolved. Some of the matters need much attention and need to be emphasized. Countries who were not satisfied have resolved their political problems within the Schengen Agreement while most of the countries were unable to resolve the matters. Take an example of Cyprus; the country is still bearing the crisis and address the dispute as for the de facto. However, the island and the political issues of Cyprus needs much attention by 2007.

Similarly, Romania and Bulgaria who were not a part of Schengen Agreement till 2004 have to approve the agreement to solve their issues. Later on, Germany and Finland also wanted to join hands to fight corruption and criminality of the country. It was the Schengen government which provided suitable mechanisms to fight against these matters. It was Turkish people who made their way to the Schengen Area, and enforce required to stop the illegal entries.

Essential information

It is vital to read all the details and history regarding the Schengen Area before applying for Visa. If you are granted with Visa, then you will move freely among 26 countries which lie in the Schengen Zone and share the internal borders. So why not give the beautiful place a try.

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