Things to know before getting Bhutan Visa from Pakistan

Things to know before getting Bhutan Visa from Pakistan

If you are looking to travel to Bhutan from Pakistan, you will be in need of a visa. Visiting Bhutan requires a visa from all countries except India, Bangladesh, and Maldives. People living in Pakistan will have to apply for a valid visa that grants entry to them in Bhutan. Obtaining Bhutan visa from Pakistan is not much difficult.

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Things to know before getting Bhutan Visa from Pakistan

Bhutan Type of  Visa:

There are different types of visas that one can obtain. However, according to the country requirement, you will have to get a tourist visa if you are to visit the location. Concerning your visa, your time of stay will be identified.

Bhutan Visa Requirements:

In order to get the visa, you need to visit the embassy. There, you will have to show your passport which must be valid and need to have visa pages free where the visa stamp can be posted. Around 7 to 10 working days are required. However, it is said that one must apply for a visa around 30 days prior to the visit.

The passport that you will carry should be valid for around 6 months after your Bhutan visit. The payment of your tour will be sent to Bhutan tourism council and it has to be transferred prior to your visit. One cannot just get the visa and have a ticket for visiting Bhutan. If you are to enter the country as a tourist, you need to contact a local tour operator who offers a complete package to you. One shall buy the package and make payment before entering the country. Without it, your entry might not be permitted.

The current visa fee for Bhutan is $40. Most of the tour operators include it in their package. As you visit the embassy, the personals sitting on the desk would assist you in obtaining the desired services.

Note that there are certain obligations but the holders of tourist visa application can obtain an on-arrival visa of the country and will be able to stay for up to 15 days.

Final words:

If you are looking to get Bhutan visa from Pakistan, you can either contact a local agent or go to embassy directly to have your requests processed. Either way, you will be able to get to know the requirements more clearly and can obtain a visa for your visit.

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