Tourist Visa for Oman

Info About The Tourist Visa for Oman

So, you have decided to visit the Sultanate of Oman, now is the next step of finding all about the ways in which you can get to visit the country. In this article, you shall find somewhat brief details regarding the requirements for all visa types including the Tourist Visa for Oman.

Tourist Visa for Oman

Who can apply?

Citizens belonging to the many nations including the United States, Canada, the European Union, the Great Britain and Australia. Follow the official Omani Police website for complete list.

Pre-Requisites for Applying for Tourist Visa for Oman:

Following are the basic paperwork you need to be in possession of before you travel to any place on the globe, for whatever purpose – business r or pleasure.

  • Passports:

For visiting Oman, you would be required to own a passport that has the validation period of at least 6 months before it expires.

  • Visa:

Visa is a kind of travelling permission a country’s government issues to the individual willing to visit. Oman also requires a valid visa for visiting.

Special Commissure Tourist Visa for Oman:

Sultanate of Oman offers commissure visiting visa among Qatar and Oman along with Dubai and Oman. It enables visitors to travel to these countries without hassle.

Pricing and Kinds of Tourist Visa for Oman:

  • One Time Entry, On Arrival visa with a validity for 10 days. Priced at OMR 5 (approx. £10)
  • One Time Entry, On Arrival Visa with a validity for 30 days. Priced at OMR 20 (approximately £40).
  • For a visit for 48 to 96 hours, a Visitor Cruise Visa can be acquired for a fee of OMR 5.

Visa Validation Time Frame:

If your acquired visa (one-time Entry, both 10 and 30 days) gets expired, you are liable for paying the penalty for about OMR 10 per each day delayed.


For frequent travellers, an air transit visa enables you a one-time entry and a stay not more than 72 hours, given you adequate finances and a viable air ticket for a next destination.

Similarly, there is a land transit visa also available that lets you travel through Oman through 3 days. These cost around OMR 5.

Non-Permanent Residents:

Single parents visiting or residing in Oman require a documented evidence of parenting responsibility of they want to obtain a residential visa permit for their kids.

Extending you Stay:

One time entry visa that has a validity of 10 days can be extended for the next 10 days by paying a fee of OMR 5. Similarly, a one-time entry tourist visa for Oman the has a validity period of 30 days can also be extended for the next month by paying an extension fee of OMR 20.

Traveling of minors:

When children aged 18 and under are travelling alone, they are required to be carrying a permission letter from at least one of the parents, along with a copy of their father’s passport that has a valid photo for identification.

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