A Guide About Road Trip from Muscat to Dubai

A Guide About Road trip from Muscat to Dubai

You can enjoy a short trip with your family from Muscat to Dubai in a very convenient way by using the car. We are providing here A Guide About Road Trip from Muscat to Dubai. Services of economical flights can be availed, but the best and easy way is the road traveling.

A Guide About Road Trip from Muscat to Dubai

If you are an expatriate and you want to travel from Muscat to Dubai, you have to follow some of the rules. Particularly, for the road trip from Muscat to Dubai, these are absolute necessities that you must possess. These include some of the Muscat to Dubai by Road visa rules. Here we will describe you some of the important things you must know if you are planning to go through road. Also, the route also involves some of the borders that should be passed. Have a look at these vital points if you are planning on traveling by road.


Whenever you are travelling from one place to another, there are certain rules and regulations. The most primary of them is to have documentations with you. There are some of the documents to have while travelling through road. First of all, your passport is the most significant thing because you are moving across the boundaries of different nations. Then comes the driving license. The mode of transportation you are using is your car of any other road vehicle, and for that, the driving license is the vital thing to have. After that, the resident card. It gives you privilege for staying in the territory for a certain time period. Your vehicle must also be registered in your name or any other person travelling with you. It can cause a problem if you are travelling by the unregistered vehicle. Because this is a long distance and anything can happen, so the insurance of your vehicle is necessary to overcome any unseen event.


While entering, there are three main limits that can be used in particular to enter in the UAE through the Oman route. Among these three borders, the two are almost at the distance of three to four hours’ drive. You can use any of these boundaries to enter UAE. They are not at a significant distance from Muscat and are considered as the most convenient routes to travel in such a short amount of time.

Tips to move on road from Muscat to Dubai

These are some of the most common things that one should consider whenever going on a road trip. First of all, fuel your car to full. The reason being that when you enter the border, these is no gas station to a pretty long distance so you should be ready. There are also certain fees that are applied to enter and leave the borders, so you must have the accurate knowledge about the charges and know which border to choose to avoid such accusations. You can also get a sticker with the name of Salik Sticker after entering the borders that will definitely help you in passing different tolls without any difficulty.

These were some of the simple facts and details that should be known if you are planning on traveling from Muscat to Dubai by road visa rules. These rules will help you a lot in having a safe and harmless road trip from Muscat to Dubai. Make sure to complete all the necessities.

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