UAE passport ranking In World

What is UAE passport ranking

Located at the heart of Western Asia, around 1.4 Million Emirati citizens hold UAE Passport. The Blue UAE Passport ranking is based on the visa free score. The passport is based on biometric technology, that is also followed by other developed countries.UAE passport ranking

The UAE passport ranking is the highest in GCC.  United Arab Emirate is a visa free passport that allows visa on arrival to 120 countries. This year the United Arab Emirates is at 60 in the list to obtain visa. It is one of the most eligible countries for free entry in 80 countries and 40 countries on arrival visa.

UAE Passport Ranking Vs. Other Gulf Countries

The UAE passport is the most powerful passport among the other gulf countries. The UAE passport is at the first in the region GCC, 27th in the world and 60th on the individual ranking.

Visa Free UAE Country

Benefits Of High UAE passport ranking

The highest benefit of the UAE passport ranking is the easy travelling opportunity. It is very easy to go on voyaging with this passport in visa free countries and on arrival visa countries. Moreover, the high ranking passport is the benefit to get easy visa for the countries where visa is required.

How to Get UAE Passport

Only, the Emarati is eligible to apply for passport. A common person cannot get the citizenship. UAE Government is authorized to issue the passport. The UAE citizen can only get the UAE passport. The 1st and the last pages are formed with thicker and hard paper. Fist page has watercolor outline of the outer frame of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The last page has drawing of the actual mosque with column and domes. The identity pages are laminated with particulars printed on it. It contains name duplication and date to resolve.

What is UAE passport ranking For UAE Citizens?

The UAE passport holder is the lucky person who can avail the best opportunity to enjoy the travel. The journey is not beneficial for visa free countries and on arrival visa countries. This high ranking passport offers the opportunity to get easy visa facility for immigration, study, jobs and visa purpose.

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