UAE passport size photo requirements

What are UAE passport size photo requirements?

As per the rules and regulations of the United Arab Emirate the UAE passport size photo requirements are important to fulfill. The application may be rejected if passport size photo requirements are not met. Take complete information about it and then go for the submission. These requirements are given below.UAE passport size photo requirements

  1. The size of the photo must be 4×6. The candidate has to take the full face photo that should not be older than six months. It should be either in white or black or against white background. For nonimmigrant visa application it is the right way to prepare the photo.
  2. The photograph must be printed on a good quality paper.
  3. It must not be ordinary.
  4. The snapshot must be clear.
  5. In case of shadows or reflection in the image, it will be rejected.
  6. There should no red-eye in the image. Any kind of sunglasses or optical, paraphernalia is not allowed. Anything that can detract in recognition of face is prohibited. The hats are not allowed even for the militants or police officers. A traditional facemask or veil is not in the UAE passport size photo requirements.
  7. The group photos are not accepted and the qualified candidate will get separate visa. Applicant should paste recent photograph with white background. Any type of pattern or border is not allowed.
  8. Lighting should be clear.
  9. Image should not be modified or altered physically or digitally
  10. It must be taken on the white background
  11. It should be pasted vertically.
  12. The horizontal photograph will be rejected.
  13. Never use tape or stapler for pasting the photograph.
  14. Paste your photograph with glue.
  15. The photograph will be rejected if 50 percent of face is not cleared. Ears must be exposed in the photograph. It must contain high resolution with clear picture.

If you need to apply for any official purpose you need to take the photograph as per the UAE passport size photo requirements. For taking the information about the accuracy of the procedure check the official website of the department.

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