Uae visa photo requirements for indian citizens?

Uae visa photo requirements for indian citizens?

The UAE visa photo requirements for indian citizens, are very important to know. If you are going to apply for visa online or physically, make sure you are fulfilling all the needs. As per the latest biometric identification,  the applicants must take the full-face photograph with white background. The applicant has to show complete uncovered head on the photo. Any type of hat or covering is not allowed for visa procedure. If applicant is using hat or covering for religious purpose then it must not cover any portion of face. Some of the formalities of the photographs are given below.Uae visa photo requirements

  1. The applicant should take the photograph of full face without covering with white covering.
  2. It must be pasted with glu
  3. Any paraphernalia and sunglasses are allowed to use in the photograph.
  4. Group photos will be rejected.
  5. Photo must be clear and it should not contain any shadow or reflection.
  6. It should be clearly focused.
  7. The photographs of dark backgrounds patterned and multi-colored textures are not acceptable.
  8. Features must be clearly visible. Hats of the military and other government officers are not included in UAE visa photo requirements for indian citizens.
Uae visa photo requirements for indian citizens
Country United Arab Emirates
Document Type Visa
Size Width: 43mm, Height: 55mm
Resolution (dpi) 300
Image definition parameters Head height (up to the top of the hair): 38mm; Distance from top the of the photo to the top of the hair: 5mm

How to get alerts and information about visa?

For offering a wonderful association to the applicants the online presence or free apps play an important role. It is used to offer alerts and updates or visa status from your subscribers and clients while you are working or interacting. It works well for helping your identity is concealed during your phone call.

How do these apps work?

Like a calling card, it works efficiently. Like a toll-free number, it works very easily. It is completely safe for account holders.

  1. A web-based control panel can manage this application for the convenience of the users.
  2. It is very easy to use with the help of the online control panel.
  3. It is a user’s friendly and a mobile-friendly program.
  4. You can easily use it on mobile devices without a painful process.

It is completely safe for the users who use it for their mobile devices because the majority of the people use the internet on their mobile phones.

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