UK Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

UK Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

In Bangladesh, a candidate can apply visa for the UK in a number of ways. They can apply it by courier and by post. One of the effective and easy ways of applying visa is to download the form from the official website and apply there after filling. Customer services staff will guide you there, how you can apply for visit visa. If you are going to apply visit visa from the nearest embassy or consulate then you have to physically present yourself for application.

UK visit visa requirement for Bangladeshi are simple. Some of the visa sections do not accept applications made online. Candidates have to contact their nearest consulate for applying online visit visa for UK. There are no charges of form. It is available online on the website from the visa section of your nearest visa application center. From Dhaka you have to apply for EEA family permit or visit visa at any application.  For applying EEA permit then you have to show that you live legally in an EEA member state. Living legally contains a visit visa for the member state.

UK Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

UK Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi 

Candidates can avail visit Visa of UK for more than six months. The important requirement is tuberculosis free certificate. The cost of the visit visa is changed as per location. Generally validity of visit visa is of six months. They are issued for one, two, five and ten years. These are single entry visas. Long term visit visas are issued to the frequent users. Requirements of UK visit visa are given below.

  • Travel document or valid passport
  • Colored Recent passport size photo with light color background
  • Photo should be of good quality print and clear with no face or head coverage
  • Printed on photographic paper
  • Full face photo without sunglasses
  • Visa Fee receipt as per local currency
  • Visa fee is non-refundable if visit visa is rejected.
  • Clear biometric information as per Bangladesh rules

Passport Validity

The other details of the passport are given below.

  1. Holder’s signature (digital image printed on page)
  2. Date of expiry
  3. Date of issue
  4. Place of birth
  5. Gender
  6. Date of birth
  7. Given names Surname
  8. Passport number


It is granted to the citizen of Bangladesh for international travel with validity date as per the state’s policy. There are following kinds of passport issued to the citizens in Bangladesh.

  • Simple temporary with one year validity, for emergency travel document
  • Simple biometric with five years validity
  • Business
  • Diplomatic


It is important for incoming travellers to provide the International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever. For getting UK visit visa government requires this vaccination certificate. If passenger is coming from the infected are must have the vaccination.

Passport Validity

Passport validity is the prime requirement for UK visit visa requirement for Bangladeshi. It requires passport validity of one month minimum and six months maximum. They require one or two blank pages or six months validity. By fulfilling these requirements it becomes easier to avail entry into those countries.

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