US passport ranking in World 2017

How to get updates about Us passport ranking ?

The Us passport ranking is very high in the index. It is at 4th number in the index. Its visa free score is 158.

Who Issues USA Passport of High Ranking?

The Passport services within the Bureau of Consular Affairs issue USA Passport of high ranking.

Reasons of High USA Passport Ranking

There are many reasons for offering high USA passport ranking. It is one of the most powerful countries around the Globe. It is a federal republic of federal district and 50 states. In order to population graph it is the third country as per the estimation of 321,163,157 in 2015. It is at the first rank among the top ten countries for GDP that is US $ 18,124,731 million (2015). US has been calling a super power in the world since World war 2. It has developed nuclear weapons and has a fame in military act, economic and technology. It is the country that is known for its peace and anti-terrorism policy. It has very strong economy that is admired at global level.Usa passport ranking in World

Procedure of replacing the Lost US Passport

If you have lost your passport during your stay in the US then you must go for obtaining the Form and apply for the Replacement of the Lost or Stolen passport. It needs to submit the some other documents with it while applying for the replacement of the card.

  1. Two passport-size photos containing the alien number that should be written on the back.
  2. Driver’s license copy, birth certificate or passport
  3. A Xerox copy of the lost green card

Now, after completing the whole process of records you have to send via mail with fee that is available at the official site. This money order should be prepared by addressing to the immigration services and the US Citizenship. Now you will have to pay another biometrics fee. After the approval of these documents or application then you will get a replacement passport via mail.

The replacement fees can be changed so it is important to check the current fees while filling the form for a replacement application.

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